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The Actor Who Plays Dopinder In Deadpool 2 Was Surprised At How Big His Role Is

Deadpool 2 dopinder

With Deadpool 2 about to debut in theaters this coming weekend, audiences are gearing up to see what Ryan Reynolds will do by once again bringing his proven smartass chops to the big screen. That said, he's not the only Deadpool star set to return for the sequel, as Karan Soni has similarly been confirmed to return as the lovable cab driver, Dopinder. The character has come a long way since the first film, and despite already having a four-film commitment, Soni was surprised to learn just how big and different his role had become for the sequel. The actor explained:

When I signed up, it was for four movies because the writers and Ryan always had a plan that the character should be in more than one movie. When the first movie came out and did exceptionally well, they decided to make a sequel right away. I got an email from Ryan two years ago, saying 'You're going to be in sequel.' So I was really excited, but I didn't know what my story was and what I'll be doing in it. I had a feeling that I might be doing the same thing but then I read the script. I was really surprised because he gave me like all the cool stuff to do.

Few people could've expected the monumental success of Deadpool, and it's arguable that even fewer could've anticipated the popularity of Dopinder when the R-rated superhero flick debuted. The character turned into a fan-favorite after Deadpool's debut, and while Karan Soni expected to mostly do the same shtick when Ryan Reynolds approached him for the sequel, he found himself taken aback by how much Deadpool 2 allowed him to do "cool stuff" as the character. Looks like this means we will actually see him get out of the cab in Deadpool 2.

It also turns out that Dopinder's role in Deadpool 2 isn't just based on his friendship with Wade Wilson. Elsewhere in Karan Soni's interview with the Hindustan Times, he explained that Deadpool has actually hired Dopinder as his getaway driver on a full-time basis, and the two have spent the last two years working together on a variety of jobs. Beyond that, Dopinder apparently even has a catchphrase now. We still don't know if this makes Dopinder a full-blown member of X-Force, but if Wade is willing to hire someone as average as Peter (Rob Delaney), then it only seems right for him to hire Dopinder.

Of course, there's plenty more going on in Deadpool 2 aside from Dopinder's enhanced role. The sequel will see Wade Wilson go head to head against Cable (Josh Brolin) to protect a young boy named Russell (Julian Dennison) and create the mercenary team known as X-Force in the process. Reactions from early screenings have been largely positive, so we will have to see what Dopinder brings to the table in this highly-anticipated sequel.

Deadpool 2 will hit theaters this weekend on May 18. Make sure to check out the latest adventure of Wade Wilson and Dopinder when the film premieres and take a look at CinemaBlend's 2018 movie premiere guide see all of the other notable movies set to debut this year!

Conner Schwerdtfeger
Conner Schwerdtfeger

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