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The Birds of Prey in the comics

The DC Extended Universe is a tricky place. Still very much in its infancy, the shared universe attempted to do what Marvel did with just a few short movies, to less than ideal results. As such, the future of the DCEU is largely in the air, with only Shazam! and Aquaman having concrete production and release dates. DC has become associated with announcing new and exciting projects, although it's unclear if the films will actually come to fruition. One of these recently announced projects is the Birds of Prey movie, and now we may have an idea when the female-centric team up movie will begin filming.

Rumors are always swirling around superhero projects, and the latest report indicates that DC's Birds of Prey movie is aiming to start filming in January of 2019. Considering how early the film is in its development, this makes a great deal of sense. A proper script can be worked on, before offers start going out to cast members. Birds of Prey will bring a bunch of new characters into the DCEU, so the pressure is on to nail down a great cast.

News of Birds of Prey's reported January start date, which comes to us from Heroic Hollywood, may be a bit surprising for the hardcore DC fans out there. While the fandom is eager for more exciting DC movies to hit theaters, it's been unclear how real Birds of Prey actually is. Since DC has revealed and backtracked so many big announcements, the fandom is a bit jaded. Plus, we have no idea which characters will be included, or what actors are going to be cast as the iconic characters. But if this report is to be believed, then we may be getting some answers sooner rather than later.

Just a few months ago it was announced that director Cathy Yan would be helming the Birds of Prey movie. This new team up film likely will bring Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn back to the DCEU, after being one of the only redeeming factors of Suicide Squad. Robbie herself has expressed interest in pairing Harley with more female characters, with Birds of Prey seeming like the perfect choice to do so.

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Aside from Harley, it's been strongly hinted that Birds of Prey will also focus on Batgirl. Now the question is: which one? In most version of the all-female team, OG Batgirl Barbara Gordon is the team leader. But rather than being on the field, she's commanding as her alter ego Oracle, after the Killing Joke plot line paralyzed the vigilante. Other common members of the team include Huntress, Black Canary, and other villains like Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

CinemaBlend will be sure to update you on all things DC. The next installment is Aquaman on December 21, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.