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This summer is, of course, full of superheroes, dinosaurs and all your standard blockbuster fare, but there also are a lot of intriguing under-the-radar movies promising something different this season. One of these films is Sorry to Bother You, the directorial debut of rapper Boots Riley, starring Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson. I could give you some more setup, but nothing I say is really going to convey the weirdness and hilarity that seems to be going on here. So take a look below to see the thrilling and bonkers red-band trailer for Sorry to Bother You.

To quote one of the characters in the trailer, that is intriguing. What is this movie? What kind of comedy is this? Do I have to be intoxicated to enjoy it? And am I sober now? These are all questions one must ask themselves upon watching the red-band trailer for Sorry to Bother You. I love that the trailer starts off with a critic blurb getting snorted like a line of coke, telling you exactly what you're in for. It's fantastic. From there it only gets weirder, as Lakeith Stanfield's Cassius Green achieves professional success in telemarketing by using his white voice, appropriately provided by David Cross. There's a lot of stuff going on in this trailer, from comedy to action to romance, and it is all thrilling.

In case you are still puzzled and wondering what exactly this movie is even about and why it looks so absurd, that is because Sorry to Bother You basically takes place in alternate reality of present-day Oakland. There, Cassius Green finds his professional success in the world of telemarketing taking him down a rabbit hole into a strange(-er) universe. Sorry to Bother You is seemingly a cross between Do the Right Thing and Don't Be a Menace, while also being something completely new. The imagination at work here is really interesting, and the movie looks clever and utterly unpredictable as the rules of the universe allow for all manner of fun, insanity and also what appears to be some biting satire.

If you couldn't tell or didn't catch everyone in the trailer, Sorry to Bother You boasts an impressive and talented cast. Armie Hammer, Steven Yeun, Terry Crews, Danny Glover and, imparting the power of a white telephone voices, Patton Oswalt and David Cross, all join Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson in the film.

I have no idea if this movie will be a brilliant original comedy or if it will be crushed under the weight of its ambition, but I think it is safe to say that Sorry to Bother You looks fresh and new, and that is worth getting excited for. Sorry to Bother You hits theaters on July 6. For everything else hitting theaters this summer, check out our release schedule.

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