New Mission: Impossible Fallout Video Puts You In Tom Cruise’s Crazy Helicopter Stunt

With every new Mission: Impossible movie comes some new absurd and seemingly impossible stunt performed by franchise star Tom Cruise. This summer's Mission: Impossible - Fallout is no different. Much of the discussion this time around has been about the crazy stunt where Tom Cruise jumped from one building to another and the gnarly injury he suffered performing it. Yet despite the injury, that stunt is perhaps only second on the danger and impressive scale. The actor performed a dangerous helicopter stunt all by himself for the film, and now a new video puts you inside the helicopter for a 360° view. Check it out below:

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A big part of what makes this stunt so impressive is that Tom Cruise is piloting the helicopter all by himself. The actor put in a lot of training hours to prepare himself to pull it off, and this really cool 360° video allows you to look all around the cabin to see that this isn't some movie magic. Tom Cruise is a legit helicopter pilot. Part of what they wanted to achieve with this stunt was a sense of realism, and and this video shows that they've done that. This 360° camera technology may be more geared towards VR applications than traditional movies, but the ability to change perspectives is really neat. The video is quite immersive and almost disorienting at points, giving you a real sense of flight. The scenery is also beautiful, and you can see why Tom Cruise insists on doing his own stunts.

There are several other 360° videos on the Gfycat page for Mission: Impossible - Fallout, showing different points in Tom Cruise's helicopter flight. One of them shows Tom Cruise's helicopter flying behind another through what appears to be a relatively narrow canyon. Another of the gifs is a 360° video from outside one of the helicopters where Henry Cavill's mustachioed character is sitting on the side and shooting out. I don't know what part of the film this helicopter chase takes place in, but this is shaping up to be one of the true action highlights in a film that seems to be a non-stop series of increasingly fun and exciting stunts.

Jumping from one building to another and breaking your ankle in the process is pretty wild, but flying a huge machine and performing complicated maneuvers as Tom Cruise does in Mission: Impossible - Fallout is another level of danger entirely. The margin for error is smaller and the potential damage if something goes wrong is exponentially greater. Fortunately, all that practice and hard work paid off and you can see some helicopter action in the new trailer, and it looks great.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout sends pulses racing when it swoops into theaters on July 27. For all of the biggest movies hitting theaters this summer and the rest of the year, check out our release schedule.

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