Watch Chewbacca Ride Star Tours With Guests At Disney World

We've all wanted to fly the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca as our co-pilot. Some lucky guests at Walt Disney World recently got to experience the next best thing. A brand new video from Disney Parks shows some lucky guests getting a personal meet and greet with everybody's favorite Wookiee, followed by a special ride on the Star Tours attraction alongside Chewbacca himself and a handful of other Star Wars aliens. Check it out.

Many rides at Walt Disney World have a separate ride for single riders who are willing to ride with strangers in order to skip the line, but the "Solo Rider" line is something entirely different. The sign drew guests over to attempt to figure out a special password, which, as it turns out, was a Wookiee roar. Once the password is accepted, the guests get a private moment to hang out and take photos with Chewie before getting ushered into the Star Tours attraction. In addition to the other park guests and Chewbacca, we also see a selection of other in costume Star Wars aliens along for the ride. It's pretty awesome as the ride is supposed to be an intergalactic tour bus of sorts, and it really looks that way with all the different creatures on board.

This is pretty cool, as there may be nothing in the world more adorable than Chewbacca walking down a corridor holding a little girls' hand. Star Tours is already the best way to feel like you're inside a Star Wars movie. That experience can only be increased when you find yourself doing the entire ride sitting next to Chewbacca.

Of course, if you want to have an immersive Star Wars experience, there will be nothing quite like what's being built right next door to Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. There, you'll be able to actually pilot the Millennium Falcon itself in one of the E-ticket rides.

Star Tours has been changing and evolving ever since it's most recent update, seeing new ride segments being added to reference both current episodes of the new Star Wars trilogy. As far as we know there is nothing being added to reference Solo: A Star Wars Story, even though promoting that film is the ultimate purpose of this video. It's too bad, since we've seen some stuff in the trailers that would certainly make for a fun theme park experience.

Chewbacca is available for everybody to meet at both Disney's Hollywood Studios and at Disneyland, though you'll likely need to wait in a longer line than these people did, and getting the photo op doesn't automatically come with a trip on Star Tours, that line is even longer.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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