Ryan Reynolds Thanks Fans For Seeing Deadpool 2 With Great Golden Girls Parody

Deadpool's particular love for The Golden Girls is a well known, if barely understood, facet of his character. So it's little surprise he would use the classic series as a way to thank those who see his movie. Deadpool 2 is going to face some stiff competition at the box office this weekend as it goes up against Solo: A Star Wars Story. As such, Ryan Reynolds posted a video to his Twitter account thanking anybody who checks out his movie this weekend, as those people are obviously true friends. The video is essentially a Deadpool 2 version of The Golden Girls opening credits, complete with memorable theme song. Check it out.

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As with everything else that Deadpool 2 has done on the promotional front, the video is fantastic. The video has been treated to make it look like you're watching film that's been around since the 80s. The Golden Girls theme song just changes the entire the dynamic of the video, expressions on characters feel entirely different simply with that music playing in the background. While there are a few vulgar expressions that would certainly not make it onto a network sitcom, that's part of what makes Deadpool great.

Another interesting thing about the video is the fact that it gives you some information that you might not have if you just watch the film. The real names of characters like Cable, Domino, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are shown here, and that's not information that you really get in the movie. The fact that Cable has the same last name as the X-Men's Cyclops is important in the comics, but it's not something that Deadpool 2 even bothers to joke about, which it certainly could have done. You also lean that Negasonic Teenage Warhead's actual name is almost as awesome as her X-Men name.

Deadpool has an unconventional relationship with The Golden Girls that goes back to the comics but it has cropped up in the films as well. At one point in the original Deadpool, we see Wade Wilson wearing a Bea Arthur t-shirt, and we've also seen that he's named his two swords Bea and Arthur. Also, Betty White has returned the favor by being an equally big fan of Deadpool.

Deadpool 2 will likely need all the friends it can get this weekend. While it won the box office without issue last weekend, the brand new Star Wars movie is all but guaranteed to be the big winner over the Memorial Day Weekend. The question is how strong a second place finish Deadpool 2 will be able to put on the board. The original Deadpool set a lot of records when it was released, but it came out in February when there was a lot less competition. We'll know by Sunday how Deadpool 2 does with real competition.

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