There's An Indiana Jones Easter Egg In Solo: A Star Wars Story

Indiana Jones

SPOILER WARNING: Very mild spoilers about easter eggs in Solo: A Star Wars Story, so if you'd rather find them yourself, come back after seeing the movie.

The next big film of the summer movie season is here! Solo: A Star Wars Story opened with a record-breaking Thursday preview and while the overall weekend is looking to be a bit of a softer debut for a Star Wars film, the general reaction to the movie seems to be mostly positive. Being a Star Wars movie, Solo is packed with easter eggs referencing other Star Wars adventures, but the easter eggs aren't limited to just one Lucasfilm franchise. Fans have spotted references to that other Harrison Ford-led franchise, Indiana Jones, hidden in plain sight in Solo.

Fans of Raiders of the Lost Ark will be more than familiar with the iconic opening of the film, wherein Indiana Jones takes a golden fertility idol from some ruins, dodging traps and giant boulders along the way. Even people who are only a little familiar with the movie likely know the sequence (it's kind of THE Indiana Jones scene). The idol was coveted by Indy, his rivals, and I guess even gangsters from outer space.

In Solo, when Han visits Dryden Vos, the gangster played by Paul Bettany, Vos' office is filled with tons of knick-knacks and various other trophies. One of these items is the fertility idol from Raiders, which is seen sitting on a table in Vos' office.

This easter egg was confirmed by director Ron Howard, who told Radio Times that the idea to include the Indiana Jones callback was Jonathan Kasdan's, who co-wrote Solo with his father, Lawrence Kasdan. The elder Kasdan also happened to write Raiders of the Lost Ark, so this a multi-layered callback we have here.

The idol isn't the only Indiana Jones reference that can be found in the movie either. Dryden Vos has items from the other Indiana Jones films as well, with fans spotting the Sankara Stones from Temple of Doom and the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade. None of the easter eggs are at the forefront of any shot, but merely fill out the background details, so it takes a little searching to actually spot them. Vos also has a crystal skull in his office, and while that is an easter egg of its own, it's not an Indiana Jones related one.

It likely will take more than one viewing to spot all of the easter eggs in Solo: A Star Wars Story, so lucky for you that it's a holiday weekend and you've got a little extra time to head to the theaters. For everything else coming up this summer season, here's a list of the must-see movies arriving in theaters.

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