Whenever a movie introduces us to a cool and compelling character, we inevitably want to know more about them, where they came from, what they've done and how they came to be who they are. Oftentimes these are characters that are already fully formed, and we aren't meeting them at the start of their journeys but at the middle or the end. These characters may have an air of mystery around them that we'd like illuminated, intriguing histories that we'd like to see play out, and sometimes we simply want to spend more time with them. This is where an origin movie can come in.

There is something to be said for maintaining the mystery and not providing answers to questions that weren't being asked, but other times it is really cool to see how the mythology of a character came to be. Solo: A Star Wars Story falls somewhere in between, giving us answers to questions many of us weren't asking, but providing a fun genesis for the iconic nerf herder. Telling an origin story is always perilous, when they don't work they can easily be dismissed, but when they do work they expand the lore and let us have more fun with characters we love.

With that in mind, cinematic history is full of fun, memorable characters that also deserve a cool origin film. Like Solo, some of these would require recasting, but with each character there is a fun story that can be told. Here are just a few of them.


The title may have been Mad Max: Fury Road, but George Miller's 2015 modern action classic was really Imperator Furiosa's movie. Portrayed by Oscar winner Charlize Theron, Furiosa was fierce and capable and badass. She rose from one of Immortan Joe's wives to become his finest warrior. Seeing her journey from a helpless child wife to a cutthroat military commander to rebel would be awesome. An origin film could follow her from when she was taken from the Green Place all the way up to the beginning of Fury Road. The possibility of a Furiosa film has been talked about in the past, and Charlize Theron sounds up for it so hopefully we can get more of this incredible character in her own spinoff film.

Walter Sobchak

John Goodman is such an underrated actor, and while Jeff Bridges' The Dude gets the lion's share of the references these days, Goodman's Walter Sobchak is a hilarious highlight of The Big Lebowski. The bowler, Vietnam veteran and Jewish convert is an incredibly entertaining character as he goes from calm discussion to unrestrained aggression on the flip of a dime. We're already getting a Jesus Quintana spinoff, so why not Walter? Full of bravado and paranoia, a Walter Sobchak film could follow the character during his Vietnam days and after, taking a darkly humorous angle with the war elements like Tropic Thunder or parts of Full Metal Jacket. But the real highlight is when he gets home and deals with everyday situations, which, as we've seen, he's ill suited for.

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