Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Video Breaks Down The New Characters

Earlier this year Avengers: Infinity War brought together almost all of the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a massive team-up event film. While that reasonably got a ton of attention, there is also a DC team up film this year that has been flying under the radar. Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will see the characters of the Teen Titans Go! TV series in their first big screen adventure, opposite some iconic heroes and new faces played by some recognizable names. Take a look below to see a behind the scenes featurette from what could be one of the year's most fun and funniest superhero movies:

In addition to the Titans from the series, we see that they will be facing off with Slade, voiced by none other than Will Arnett. The Arrested Development actor succeeds Ron Perlman who voiced Slade on the Teen Titans Go! TV show for one episode. Of course Slade is the real first name of Deathstroke, but I'm guessing because this is a children's cartoon and movie, as the name Deathstroke and his alias The Terminator were a bit much. So for those keeping score at home, Will Arnett has now voiced Batman and one of his deadliest villains. As always Will Arnett looks to be quite funny as a cartoonishly villainous Slade, who is declaring himself the world's greatest supervillain and appears to gain mind control over the Justice League.

We also see in this video Kristen Bell perfectly cast in the role of the bubbly director Jade, who proves unreceptive to Robin's desire for cinematic greatness. The success of the superhero genre has made it ripe for parody and this film is clearly doing some fun satire of it, as the marketing has referenced Justice League and even trolled Ryan Reynolds. And the last trailer had the kinds of meta-commentary jokes that you'd expect from something like Deadpool. Kristen Bell's character Jade should be an entertaining part of the film as a bigwig director that will hopefully poke at the business side of superhero movies.

Although you don't see him, the video also mentions Nicolas Cage who will be, at long last, playing Superman in the film. The big names brought in for the Teen Titan's big screen outing don't stop there either. Singer Halsey will be voicing Wonder Woman, rapper Lil Yachty will be voicing Green Lantern John Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel will be on growl duty as Batman. The film's trailers and the fun cast will hopefully add up to a superhero movie that looks like will appeal to audiences young and old.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is in theaters on July 27th. For all of this year's biggest movies, check out our release schedule.

Nick Evans

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