John Carpenter Is Scoring The Halloween Sequel, And All Is Right In The World

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One of the key ways to make a successful sequel/reboot to a beloved franchise is to get as many people who were involved with the original attached to the new movie. We see this all the time on the TV side with reboots, as having the people who made the series so successful in the first place helps give the fans confidence in the new installment. The same is very much true for the new Halloween movie, which has series co-creator John Carpenter on board as an executive producer. Carpenter won't be directing, but he'll still have one other important job: composing the soundtrack.

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In addition to being the director of a ton of cult classic films from the '80s and '90s, John Carpenter is also a composer, having created or co-created the score for many of his own films. That includes Halloween, which might have the most iconic soundtrack of any of Carpenter's films. Fans have been wondering if Carpenter would return to write some music for the new Halloween and Jason Blum himself teased months ago that he was trying to make it happen, but we now have a strong confirmation that Carpenter is scoring the horror flick.

This comes from Jason Blum himself, the mastermind producer behind some of the most successful horror films of the last few years and a huge part of Hollywood's current horror movie renaissance, so it might be as official a confirmation as there can be. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Blum simply wrote "Confirm!" in regards to whether John Carpenter would be composing the score for the latest Halloween movie.

This is definitely good news for the sequel, but I won't pretend like this movie needed an extra boost. I think it's fair to say that there's already a lot of good things going for Halloween. The writers and director have been saying all the right stuff, promising a sequel that is loyal to the original, ignores all the other bad sequels, and focuses on true scares over gore. According to Jaimie Lee Curtis, this thing is "full-tilt boogeyman," so a Carpenter score is just icing on the scary cake at this point.

There's no point in celebrating music without providing a reason why that music is good. Below, you will find a clip of John Carpenter's theme from the original Halloween. Feast your ears on this Spin Doctors mix!

Halloween is set for a theatrical release on October 19, 2018. For more movies heading to theaters this year, check out our 2018 movie guide!

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