One Line Jason Momoa Wanted To Cut From Justice League

Jason Momoa in Aquaman solo movie

After first being introduced in Justice League, Aquaman will get his chance to steal the spotlight later this year in his very own solo film. Jason Momoa's too-cool-for-school take on Aquaman was one of the high points of DC's team-up blockbuster and was meant to be a counterpoint to how Aquaman is typically seen in mainstream media. This Aquaman likes tight jeans and whiskey straight from the bottle, but even with all of the character's cool moments, there was one line that Momoa wanted to cut from the film because he didn't feel it worked for his character. Specifically, it was a line about Aquaman being able to talk to fish. He said:

I'm like, don't put this line in there, because that's all people are going to talk about... Do you want me to make him cool or not?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Magazine, Jason Momoa admitted he wasn't a fan of a line that pointed out Aquaman can talk to fish. Ultimately, the movie did keep a line about Aquaman talking to fish, with Batman asking him if it were possible to get some fish folk to help them find Steppenwolf. Aquaman dryly commented that he would check the tides, which gave the audience an idea of his abilities.

Of Aquaman's many powers, perhaps his most well-known is the ability to talk to fish. Whether it's the tiniest tuna or the largest whale, if it lives in water, chances are that Aquaman can talk to it. Relatively recent comics have made the point of mentioning that he can't technically "talk" to fish because their brains are too small to have a conversation. He just telepathically commands them to do what he wants. Regardless, it's one of his chief powers, but Justice League made attempts to not to showcase that particular skill set.

While Aquaman didn't get to talk to fish in Justice League, there's always the chance that he shows off the power in his solo movie. Aquaman looks more willing to show of the goofier aspects of the character's world, with Atlanteans riding around on great white sharks and sea dragons. Talking to fish might not be considered "cool," but it is fun, and from what we've heard this movie looks like it should be perfectly happy to be fun.

Aquaman is directed by James Wan and is set to release in theaters on December 21, 2018. That's still a long time away, but fans will have a chance to get their first real taste of the movie pretty soon. Aquaman will have a strong presence at San Diego Comic-Con and we're hoping to see a trailer soon, so be on the lookout for more on the movie in the coming months. Otherwise, stay up to date on what DC has in store with our DC film guide.

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