Henry Cavill’s Justice League Mustache Might Not Be The Only Thing They CGI’d

Despite being released back in November, DC fans and cinephiles haven't stopped discussing their disappointment in Zack Snyder's Justice League. While comic book lovers have waited decades to see DC's mightiest heroes in live-action on the silver screen, the end result was a bit of a disjointed mess. This was seemingly due to the extensive reshoots and changes made by Joss Whedon, although the conversation about the Justice League reshoots have mostly been focused on Henry Cavill's mustache. Cavill infamously kept his Mission Impossible mustache during reshoots, resulting in a weirdly CGI'd mouth for the Man of Steel. Now it turns out that the mustache might not be the only part of Superman that was given the CGI treatment, as one fan caught his hands looking very out of place.

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What. Are. Those. Things?

This new Justice League screenshot came from Twitter, where a fan noticed that Henry Cavill's hands look very out place. They're lighter than the rest of his skin, and the edges around the writs and his costume are extremely fuzzy. Despite Justice League's absolutely massive budget, there has been plenty of criticism around the film's visual effects. While the most obvious examples are Superman's mouth and Steppenwolf's... everything, it unfortunately translated to other aspects of the blockbuster. Just look at those super fists.

The reason behind using CGI on Henry Cavill's hands actually seems fairly obvious. The actor may simply have been holding them in a weird place, where the scene called for a close fist. Movies and photos change details like that all the time, its just that Justice League perhaps could have done it better. If Superman doesn't even look connected to his own body, how are moviegoers supposed to suspend their disbelief for the far more cinematic sequences of Justice League?

Funky CGI happens, but Justice League needed to use quite a lot of it throughout the film's runtime. The movie basically opened with Batman battling a Parademon, and the CGI creatures were a constant presence throughout its runtime. Cyborg was also completely crated through visual effects, which seem to be a point of contention among the fans. The film's final battle was set almost completely on a CGI set, including Steppenwolf as a character. With so much CGI necessary and tons of reshoots, details around the effects unfortunately fell to the wayside.

The DCEU has plenty of exciting projects coming down the line, hopefully providing the shared universe with another critical success. Aquaman and Shazam! will both be arriving shortly, and Patty Jenkins' highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 is filming now. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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