Paramount Is Having Fun With Henry Cavill's Mission: Impossible Mustache

Has there ever been a mustache more reported on in movie history than the one attached to Henry Cavill's face? This writer doesn't think so and you can hardly blame anyone for being obsessed with the thing. Not only does it just happen to be a really good looking mustache, but it's also partly the reason for some very high profile reshoots of Justice League. It may have been the ire of Warner Bros'. wallet, but Paramount has no problem celebrating the 'stache that will be gracing Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

Paramount knows that there are two things that have dominated the conversation around Mission: Impossible - Fallout: 1) Tom Cruise breaking his ankle in the middle of a stunt and 2) Henry Cavill's mustache. The first one caused a bit of strife when it happened, forcing filming to go on a brief hiatus while Cruise healed up, but Paramount is all about cashing in on that sweet stache.

In honor of star Henry Cavill's birthday. Paramount posted a gif to their Twitter page of Henry Cavill and his mustache trapped in a never-ending loop of furry splendor. The 'stache goes on forever and ever and ever, proving that Paramount knows exactly what Cavill's fan-base wants to see from them.

This tweet gets a bit more interesting when you take into account the controversy caused by this very same mustache last year. As people may already know, Justice League was in some trouble last year that involved reshoots meant to change the tone of the movie. Many of these reshoots involved Henry Cavill's Superman, but the problem was that Cavill had already grown a mustache for his role in Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

Allegedly, Warner Bros. asked Paramount if Cavill could shave the 'stache, with Warner offering to pay for a CGI replacement in Mission: Impossible. Paramount said no, leading to Warner having to digitally remove the facial hair for Justice League, something that's apparently much harder to do than adding it. Infamously, it did not turn out well for Warner or Superman's face.

The mustache may have proved to be a problem for Warner. Bros. but Paramount is riding that sucker all the way to July 27, 2018, when Mission: Impossible - Fallout arrives in theaters. Based on the virtually perfect trailer that was released, the movie looks pretty sweet, so find out absolutely everything you can about the sixth entry in the popular franchise with our What We Know So Far guide. Mission: Impossible isn't the only movie coming out this summer, so check out what other blockbusters are worthy of your attention this summer. For everything else hitting theaters for the rest of the year, check out our 2018 movie release schedule.

Matt Wood

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