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Black Adam

The silver screen DC universe is changing and evolving in the post-Justice League landscape, and one of the most exciting projects of the bunch is The Rock's Black Adam movie. That said, we still don't know much about the film, as the wrestler-turned-actor has remained incredibly busy with other projects like Rampage and his newly-released movie Skyscraper. With that in mind, I recently had a chance to talk to The Rock's frequent collaborator, producer and President of Production at Seven Bucks Productions, Hiram Garcia, about the DC villain's solo movie, and he explained that it remains a top priority for their creative team and there are some significant developments for Black Adam just around the corner. Garcia said:

Adam Sztykiel is writing the script right now, and I gotta say it's something we talk about every day. It's such a huge important project for us; it's something that we have circled on our big whiteboard all the time because of what it means to us as fans of comics in general. What we know it means to the comic book universe. We're very excited, and I can promise you, the story we're crafting, Black Adam is so badass and he's gonna be so complex and there's gonna be great characters around him. It's very special and a lot more news is gonna be coming in on this.

So, it sounds like everyone involved in the development of Black Adam is taking the movie very seriously. It has been a slow and steady process of developing the DC villain's solo film, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't made notable strides in recent years and months. The team behind the movie is very excited about what's in store based on Adam Sztykiel's script, and it sounds like there will be some "news" related to the project coming up in the foreseeable future.

Of course, the prospect of a Black Adam movie leaves many fans wondering how a villain like him could take center stage in a movie, as the comic book film genre has largely been defined by hero main characters in recent years. Elsewhere in my interview with Hiram Garcia, he addressed the potential of working with Black Adam as a morally-gray "anti-hero" and explained:

The fact that he is an anti-hero, that he is complex. To be able to play into that space and give this character to DJ that is kind of a boy scout, and goody two shoes, or not just all dark, but someone who is kind of toeing the line between good and evil and we've created a really great device in our story that allows us to explore that in a great way while still allowing the character to be super enjoyable for the audience.

We still have a long road ahead until Black Adam gets to enter the spotlight in his solo movie. That said, make sure to watch out for Aquaman later this year on December 21, and Shazam! next year on April 5!

As for The Rock and Hiram Garcia, you can check out their latest collaboration in the form of Rawson Marshall Thurber's Skyscraper, which is currently in theaters!