What's Happening With Edge Of Tomorrow 2, According To Doug Liman

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With the trend of nostalgia proving endlessly popular and profitable, there is no franchise that seems truly dead. This is especially exciting for the fans, who have hope for their favorite film's future. One major sequel that's currently in development is the follow up to Doug Liman's sci-fi epic Edge of Tomorrow, which hit theaters in 2014. The sequel is currently being titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat, with both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt set to reprise their roles in the upcoming blockbuster. I got to catch up with Liman at San Diego Comic-Con, where he revealed what's happening with Edge of Tomorrow's highly anticipated sequel. He said,

We're working on the script. We have a story I really love.

Well, this is exciting. While it's currently unclear when Live Die Repeat and Repeat will finally arrive in theaters, it seems that the upcoming film's script is getting close to done. So strap on your exoskeleton armor and get ready for another epic sci-fi adventure through space and time.

Doug Liman's comments are sure to excite the many moviegoers who saw and loved Edge of Tomorrow when it arrived in theaters a few years ago. The director/producer crafted a thrilling psychological journey, while also giving Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt plenty of time to kick ass and take names. And considering the first film's complex ending, there's plenty of narrative strings to pull at.

Edge of Tomorrow is set in the not-too-distant future, when alien creatures known as Mimics have invaded planet Earth. Tom Cruise's Major William Cage goes through a sci-fi version of Groundhog Day, where he continually dies, and resets the same morning. Eventually the hero uses this to his advantage, and trains in order to save the planet from invasion.

In the end, Edge of Tomorrow reset once again, presumably giving its heroes another shot at happiness. It's a controversial and somewhat confusing finale, which is why the fandom would love to return to Doug Liman's fantastic world with Live Die Repeat and Repeat. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt have also continued to work and gain fans in the years since the film hit theaters, and their shared interest in reprising their roles has kept excitement up.

You can check out my full conversation with Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, who was at Comic-Con promoting his new Youtube series Impulse.

Although it's currently unclear when Live Die Repeat and Repeat will arrive in theaters, Doug Liman has been keeping busy with Youtube Red's Impulse, which debuted earlier this summer, and was already renewed for a second season. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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