Deadpool Director Tim Miller Wanted Negasonic Teenage Warhead To Be A Villain

Negasonic in Deadpool 2

While superhero movies have become commonplace, there are few franchises that manage to stand out among the rest. Chief among them is Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool films, which shattered expectations for the character, R-rated movies, and comic book projects as a whole. The fourth wall breaking blockbuster series once again returned for its highly anticipated sequel with Deadpool 2. David Leitch took over directing duties from Tim Miller, who departed the project early due to creative differences. While the sequel was still a great success, it turns out that Miller originally had very different ideas for the characters, especially Brianna Hildebrand's Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Hildebrand recently opened up about Miller's original ideas, which included Negasonic becoming a villain.

I know that we switched directors for the second film, but I remember after the first film was over, Tim was like, 'Wouldn't it be great if your character was a villain next time?' And I was like, 'That would be sick, yeah, sure, why not?' And that's definitely not the way that it went.

Now this is interesting. While Negasonic Teenage Warhead was still in Deadpool 2 and even got a new girlfriend, she wasn't anything close to a villain. That is, unless she's backsassing Wade Wilson.

Brianna Hildebrand's comments to Red Carpet News are sure to surprise the Deadpool fans out there. No one could have predicted her character taking such a big turn. Although given her general disdain for the world (including Deadpool himself), the ground work might have been laid in the original Deadpool movie. She was shown hating everyone and everything, so perhaps one big tragedy or traumatic incident would have triggered her transformation into a villainous character.

In the end, Deadpool 2 didn't really have a villain-- although Josh Brolin's Cable provided an antagonist for the Merc with a Mouth to clash against. While the original Deadpool told the story of Wade's revenge and rescue of Vanessa, the villain in the sequel was a bit more ambiguous. Sure Cable was there, but it mostly felt like the title character was his own worst enemy in Deadpool 2. The sequel portrayed grief, self-destruction, and chosen family-- even though it was also full of sly references and some blue humor along the way.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead might not have been a villain, but she did have a supporting role in the action of Deadpool 2. She's part of the plot revolving around Wade Wilson's brief stint in the X-Men, with Negasonic revealed as a full fledged member of the team. She also made history due to her relationship with Yukio, which was the first same sex-relationship in a superhero movie. We'll have to see how Brianna Hildebrand's character factors into the still developing X-Force flick.

Deadpool 2 will be available for home purchase on August 21st. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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