One Avengers: Infinity War Fight Is Longer, And Much Cooler, On The New Marvel Blu-Ray

Avengers: Infinity War

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Avengers: Infinity War. But I mean, come on, you've seen it right?

When the year's biggest film, Avengers: Infinity War, hits home video on physical formats in August, it will come chock full of special features, including deleted scenes. Among the deleted scenes on the Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray is a longer version of the fight in Edinburgh, as Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive attempt to get the Mind Stone from Vision, who is protected by Scarlet Witch. The theatrical cut of this scene is a badass introduction to the Black Order members (especially Proxima Midnight) and an absolutely brutal and emotional fight as Scarlet Witch attempts to save Vision. But believe it or not, the extended scene is even cooler.

After Corvus Glaive stabs Vision from behind, Wanda takes him to (temporary) safety to patch him up. Vision, in a sweet moment says "I'm beginning to think we should have stayed in bed." At this point, the extended scene begins. Proxima Midnight's javelin sword comes flying in, interrupting the star-crossed couple and she and Corvus Glaive do battle with Scarlet Witch. There is already a horror feel to this scene in the theatrical cut with Vision being attacked from behind in a jump scare type moment. This is all made even more horrific in the deleted scene in a very cool moment where Proxima Midnight is searching for where Vision and Scarlet Witch are hiding. The menacing Black Order member uses her staff, which emits a blue light, to scan the alleyway to try to find them. Proxima Midnight also taps her staff against the stone columns in a sort of intimidating warning of her coming, that imparts major dread and is intended to lure out the heroes.

The deleted scene, titled Hunt for the Mind Stone, is rather short, running 1 minute and 24 seconds. The scene isn't entirely finished either, so it does have rough VFX on the CGI Black Order members. Despite that, this deleted scene does make a great fight even cooler. The relationship between Vision and Scarlet Witch is one of the more important and emotional threads in the film, and this scene where these two lovers are under attack and in fear for each other's lives is fraught with tension and emotion. Extending it and adding a bit of a horror moment to it just makes an already edge-of-your-seat battle even more intense.

You can see this deleted scene and the others, as well as a whole host of special features, when Avengers: Infinity War hits 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on August 14. Avengers: Infinity War is available digitally today. Keep an eye on our guide for all the latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and check out our premiere schedule for all the biggest movies still to come in 2018.

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