Aquaman’s Patrick Wilson Signed On To The Movie Without A Script

Patrick Wilson as Orm in Aquaman DC film
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With the recent release of the Aquaman trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, fans not only got a taste of how the origin story of Arthur Curry will look on-screen, but also a good look at the character the underwater hero will be facing against. Patrick Wilson is set to play the role of Aquaman's half-brother Orm (also known as the Ocean Master) with a war to wage against the surface world for polluting the Seven Seas. While adapting the Aquaman origin story to the silver screen comes with challenges, Wilson didn't hesitate to sign on to play Orm. He recently commented that he didn't even read the Aquaman script before he signed on, showing his complete confidence in director James Wan, who he has worked closely with on the Conjuring films.

I signed on before there was a script, before there was anything. My agents were like, 'Do you know what the role is?' And I was like, 'Yeah, it's this guy.' I show them pictures. [They asked], 'Is it a big part?' I'm like, 'Guys, he's not going to waste my time. I know that.'

Wilson's faith in Wan isn't blind; the Conjuring franchise became a monstrous success following the 2013 highly-acclaimed blockbuster he first starred in. Spinoffs after spinoffs have been released, with more in the works. Let's not forget that Wan also created the long-running Saw franchise, so maybe Aquaman will mark the beginning of another lasting success? All in all, Wilson's comments to The Hollywood Reporter about signing on to the project might be refreshing to fans who are unsure about the adaptation of the King of the Seven Seas. He is also no stranger to bringing to life a previously untouched comic-book character when in 2009, Wilson played Dan Dreiberg / Nite Owl in Watchmen under the helm of Zack Snyder.

Past hesitations to add Aquaman to the likes of big-screen superheroes may have come from the lore's underwater setting, which brings about technical. Two-thirds of the upcoming Aquaman film will take place underwater, and Wan previously said they used a mixture of practical and digital effects to achieve the incredible setting.

While Orm's appearance as the main villain could be a rerun of Thor and Black Panther's plot points, having an experienced franchise director onboard does sweeten the deal. Orm's gripe with humans' corruption of the oceans could make for a much-needed reminder of the flaws of mankind. Villains who hold a bit of validity in their causes make for engrossing characters if executed well. Orm will share a bit of the spotlight with Aquaman's two other opponents, Black Manta / David Kane (played by Yayha Abdul-Mateen) and Jesse Kane (played by Michael Beach), a member of a group of "high seas hijackers." These secondary villains are speculated to be related since they share a last name.

With Aquaman's powerful line-up of opponents, audiences will finally get to witness the strength of the seven seas the superhero has to offer when it hits theaters on Dec. 21.

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