Die Hard: Year One Definitely Will Bring Back An Important Character From The Series

Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard

Apparently Die Hard: Year One is still a thing that will happen. Len Wiseman, the director behind the fourth Die Hard movie -- Live Free or Die Hard (which was actually entertaining, and far better than the dreadful A Good Day to Die Hard), opened up about the process of putting together a script for his announced Die Hard sequel/prequel combination (more on this in a moment). And in talking about the story that he's currently shaping, Wiseman confirmed that John McClane's estranged wife, Holly, will be part of the story... possibly in two different eras. Wiseman says:

There is [a young Holly] I will tell you there is.

Holly Gennero apparently will be a part of the story in Die Hard: Year One, which will be set in two different time periods. From what we are being told, the story will center on Bruce Willis' version of the iconic cop, working on a case in present day. But the movie also will incorporate flashbacks to the 1970s, to when John was a rookie cop in the NYPD, because elements of an old case will dictate how the action plays out in modern times. To that end, Len Wiseman tells SlashFilm that young Holly will be part of the flashbacks. And when asked if that means we might finally see original Holly, Bonnie Bedelia, in scenes with Willis, the writer/director teased:

There may very well be [a reunion]

Now, this is all speculation at the moment. Die Hard: Year One is a movie that's in the developmental stage, with no release date or finished script to speak of. And Len Wiseman goes on to say to SlashFilm that this is a good thing, because they entered into Live Free or Die Hard without a finished script, and had to race to meet a release date. He's far more comfortable waiting for a screenplay to be finished before they move forward with any type of shooting. Novel concept.

Also, they are going to need a young John McClane, and Wiseman says that Bruce Willis will have a lot of say on who gets cast in that pivotal role. Those are big shoes to fill. Or, to take off, so the guy can run around barefoot. Confirms Wiseman:

The core idea has not [changed] at all. It's still working in parallel, cutting back and forth, what we see in the '70s has ramifications on present day Bruce. That hasn't changed at all. ... Contractually, I don't have any idea [who will play young John]. Personally, together [Bruce] and I, I want that.

What do you think about the idea behind Die Hard: Year One? The original movie is just done celebrating its 30th anniversary, pulling out all the stops for a rare visit to Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. Can Year One be the movie that sticks the landing, and lets the Die Hard franchise ride off into the sunset like Gary Cooper? While also simultaneously washing away the dismal taste in the mouths of fans that was A Good Day to Die Hard? Time will tell.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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