The summer movie season is coming to a close and we are now in the doldrums of August with barely a blockbuster in sight. Mission: Impossible - Fallout is behind us and the only real blockbuster left in the traditional sense is this week's giant shark movie, The Meg. After that there isn't really a blockbuster until The Predator (if you consider that one) in September. But just because you've seen Fallout three times and Christopher Robin and The Equalizer 2, doesn't mean that there's no reason to go to the theater. In fact, there are plenty of great movies in theaters to get you out of the sweltering summer heat.

In addition to the superheroes, mustaches and dinosaurs, this summer has actually been full of an eclectic mix of acclaimed titles. Fortunately for you, many of them are now playing. Some of these you may have heard of and some might be new to you, but they all provide something different, ranging from shocking and hilarious to heartfelt and revelatory. These films deserve your patronage because by voting with your dollar, we can get more films that provide unique experiences like these ones. As mostly smaller films, you may have to do some searching to see where these are playing near you, but they are all worth a little extra drive time. Each of these films also boasts a certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so there is pretty universal consensus that they are good.

Here are 6 awesome movies in theaters right now that need and deserve your support.

Three Identical Strangers

We are living in a golden era of documentaries, and this summer has provided some truly great ones. The phrase 'stranger than fiction' is probably overused, but it certainly applies here. Three Identical Strangers tells the true story of how identical triplets found out about each other as young adults and it only gets stranger from there. This is the kind of story that needs to be told, and while something like this might usually get tons of buzz as a streaming series or a podcast, there is a ton of value to big screen documentaries and this one deserves some support in theaters. Also, you want Three Identical Strangers to be as pure of an experience as possible, so if you can, don't read anything else about it or watch any trailers, just go see it.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade just released wide on over 1,000 screens this past weekend, so it still has plenty of time for audiences to see it and you should definitely endeavor to do so. Bo Burnham's directorial debut deserves your support because it captures adolescence in a way that few films do or ever have, telling a story in the social media age, but one that would fit in any time. Elsie Fisher's performance announces her as someone to watch, and Bo Burnham proves he is far more than just someone who used to do comedy songs about Helen Keller. Eighth Grade needs to be seen by teens and their parents for how it honestly, with humor and heart, conveys the struggles of growing up in a way that is never pandering. This week you can even see Eighth Grade for free.

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