Could Bedlam Return For Deadpool 3? Here’s What Terry Crews Says

Terry Crews as Bedlam in Deadpool 3

A good portion of Deadpool 2's marketing revolved around Wade Wilson forming the definitely-derivative X-Force to help him protect the young Russell Simmons from Cable. But in typical Deadpool fashion, the formation of this team was mainly in service of a joke, and despite being shown in action in previews, all the X-Force recruits except for Domino were killed off early in the mission. However, Terry Crews, who played Bedlam, believes that his character could return one day for Deadpool 3, because unlike the others, Bedlam was still clinging to life when we last saw him. In Crews' words:

Actually if you look at the movie, I was on life support. They were trying to revive me so you didn't see me get cut up or head cut off. There's always something. I would love to come back for Deadpool 3.

In case you need a refresher, like his comic book counterpart, Terry Crews' Bedlam had the mutant ability to generate a electromagnetic field that can disrupt electronic equipment. That special power, along with his impressive (though not super) strength was enough to win him a spot on the X-Force in Deadpool 2, but unfortunately, because Deadpool failed to account for the crosswinds when they parachuted, Bedlam was blown off course and hit by a bus. He was last seen by being given CPR, so perhaps, despite his critical condition, Bedlam could someday make a recovery, as Terry Crews suggested. Crews also noted that he doesn't expect to appear in the upcoming X-Force movie, but he's game for returning in Deadpool 3.

Terry Crews isn't the only actor who'd like their fallen X-Force character to rise again, as Lewis Tan previously said that he's hoping to reprise Shatterstar for X-Force. In that character's case, he was chopped apart by helicopter blades, but Tan believes that when Deadpool used Cable's time travel device, he might have saved the other X-Force members besides just Peter. Wade Wilson's willingness to leave Zeitgeist in that wood chipper calls that idea into question, but when it comes to the Merc with the Mouth's shenanigans, I suppose anything is possible.

For now, Deadpool is next set to appear in the Drew Goddard-written and directed X-Force alongside Cable and Domino. As for Deadpool 3, that's not quite nailed down yet given the focus on X-Force, as well as Fox being brought into the Disney empire possibly factoring in. As for Terry Crews, while it remains to be seen whether he'll ever play Bedlam again, he also took the opportunity in his interview with Slashfilm to apologize for being forced to stay silent on how his character was actually used in Deadpool 2.

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