Who Terry Crews Is Playing In Deadpool 2

Terry Crews Bedlam Deadpool 2

A brand-new trailer for Deadpool 2 has just debuted online, and it teased the type of badass mutant action that we could've only dreamed about in the first film. One of the best elements of the preview comes with the tease of the (possibly derivative) X-Force, and the new anti-heroes that it will bring into the equations. One such mutant is Terry Crews' character in David Leitch's sequel, and the trailer has finally confirmed that he will play Jesse Bedlam in the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2016's Deadpool.

Terry Crews doesn't get a lot of screen time in this trailer, but what he gets does seem to promise something really cool. That said, it's a scene that shows us a picture of his character that tells us who he will actually be playing. Based on a quick sequence in which Deadpool thumbs through headshots for potential X-Force members, we can confirm that Wade Wilson will recruit Jesse Bedlam into his new team.

It's an incredibly quick shot, and the name doesn't even come into focus until Crews is actually out of frame. Nevertheless, you can check out the reveal of Bedlam's name, below.

Deadpool 2 Bedlam

For those of you who are less familiar with the character, Jesse Bedlam is a longtime X-Force character. He has the ability to generate electromagnetic fields, which can allow him to fry any electric devices in his vicinity. Additionally, he also has incredible strength and hand-to-hand fighting abilities.

All of that definitely rationalizes this casting. After all, that's pretty much the exact reason why you would hire a guy like Terry Crews to play that type of role in the first place. Just look at how badass he is as Bedlam.

Terry Crews Bedlam Deadpool 2

Nevertheless, as exciting as it is to know who Terry Crews is playing finally, this trailer shows that he's only one of many elements to get excited about in the film. In this preview alone, we get a much better look at Josh Brolin's Cable and Zazie Beetz's Domino. In fact, while the first trailer focused heavily on the introduction of Cable into the Deadpool universe, it looks like Domino could go on to become a definite fan-favorite for her dry dynamic with Wade. With all of these new badasses entering the equation, it seems like the stage is being set for that long-awaited X-Force movie.

If you want a closer look at all of the NSFW action and comedy for yourself, check out the Deadpool 2 trailer, below!

Deadpool will bring the X-Force together when Deadpool 2 debuts later this year on May 18. Make sure to check it out when it finally premieres, and keep an eye on our X-Men franchise guide to stay up-to-date on all of the other major mutant movies like X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants.

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