Shia LaBeouf Is Tattooed And Unrecognizable In First Tax Collector Image

Following his Disney Channel days, Shia LaBeouf has built an interesting reputation for himself as a performer. From outside-of-the-box art pieces to going method for various movie roles, you're never quite sure what to expect from LaBeouf. The actor's next project is starring in David Ayer's The Tax Collector and while little is known about the project, we now that LaBeouf's character has got some serious ink. Check out the first official image of The Tax Collector, which features an almost unrecognizable LaBeouf as the heavily tattooed lead character.

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Before he steps into Bright 2, David Ayer's next project is The Tax Collector. The plot of the movie is being kept tight under wraps but it's supposed to be in the vein of Ayer's other work such as Training Day and End of Watch. The project will star Shia LaBeouf assumably as the title character, so you better pay your taxes because you do not want this dude knocking on your door.

The director revealed the first look at LaBeouf's character via Twitter, which shows off a shirtless LaBeouf covered in tattoos. It's tough to make out exactly what the tattoos are, but the word "Creeper" is stretched across the stomach and there's a picture of a woman on the chest. Additionally, you can also spot a mug on the thigh, which is an interesting tattoo, to say the least. The picture is giving off some pretty strong Jared Leto-Joker vibes, who himself was very heavily inked. That's likely not coincidental because David Ayer also directed Suicide Squad, which was that controversial Joker's first appearance.

All in all, it's a pretty solid tease for The Tax Collector. Shia LaBeouf's character clearly means business, and this is likely not a guy that you want to cross. David Ayer's crime thrillers definitely aren't afraid to dive into violence, and we can likely expect a fair amount from The Tax Collector. Written and directed by Ayer, the movie has no release date just yet and also stars George Lopez, Lana Parrilla, Bobby Soto, and Cheyenne Rae Hernandez.

You can also see Shia LaBeouf starring as his own father in Honey Boy, a biopic about Shia LaBeouf's life as a child actor and his troubled relationship with his dad. A Quiet Place's Noah Jupe will play a younger LaBeouf, while Manchester By the Sea's Lucas Hedges will portray LaBeouf around the age he was during Disney Channel's Even Stevens. The film does not have an official release date but is expected to arrive in theaters in 2019. For all the movies that are definitely hitting theaters soon, be sure to visit our 2018 movie release schedule. For more movie updates keep it right here at CinemaBlend.

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