A Nun Jump Scare Ad Got Pulled After It Freaked People Out

The universe of The Conjuring continues its expansion next month with the release of the horror film, The Nun. We've seen the creepy first trailer, and now the marketing campaign is beginning to ramp up to sell audiences on the scares they will experience in the film. But the advertising has already proven a bit too effective. A YouTube ad for The Nun with a killer jump scare has actually been pulled, after it freaked a bunch of people out. Just remember the headline of this article, steel your nerves and give it a watch below:

Yeah, that will give you a jolt. This jump scare proved upsetting for some who saw it, which led to YouTube taking a look at it. Team YouTube addressed the ad on Twitter, letting followers know that the spot for The Nun will no longer be running as an ad on the platform because it apparently violates YouTube's shocking content policy. Knowing that a jump scare is coming in advance makes the trailer kind of funny as you await something crazy to happen, but I can see how this freaked some people out.

This wasn't like a trailer that you click on and choose to watch, but was one of the ads that was playing before other videos on YouTube. So I imagine most people who saw it were completely unprepared, especially since it lulls you into a false sense of security with the Mac volume adjustments going to mute before a demon nun with gross teeth starts screaming in your face. On the bright side, the ad was only six seconds, which is in some ways less traumatizing than the long ads you often have to endure.

You can definitely understand how an ad like this might not be appropriate to run in front of certain videos so it is makes sense that YouTube covered itself by removing it as an ad entirely. While that might seem like a negative for The Nun, I kind of think that this unintended consequence will prove a great bit of press for the film. Although some have said that the use of the jump scare ad has made them want to see the movie less, I still think that the message coming out of this is that The Nun had a 6-second ad that was so scary it had to be pulled. For the curious and horror fans who got a kick out of it, that message certainly sets up The Nun as a horror movie you have to see to find out just how scary it actually is.

The Nun terrorizes audiences when it opens in theaters on September 7th. Check out our premiere guide for all of the biggest movies releasing this year and for all the latest in terrifying ads, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Nick Evans

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