More Details On The New Songs In The Live Action Aladdin Movie

Aladdin and Jasmine
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Among the many classic Disney musicals of the studio's renaissance is the animated movie Aladdin, and it's one of the next in line to get the live action treatment. Although we don't know how close to the script the Aladdin remake will be, audiences can expect to revel in a little nostalgia with songs such as a "A Whole New World," but the film will follow in the footstep of the live-action Beauty and the Beast and add some new songs as well. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the duo behind the lyrics of the biggest movie musicals in recent years, La La Land and The Greatest Showman, are collaborating with Alan Menken on some new material.

Benj Pasek and Justin Paul gave Variety some details about two newly penned songs they worked with Alan Menken on to freshen up the 1992 soundtrack for the 2019 film. Jasmine, played by Naomi Scott, is getting her own song. along with a duet between her and Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, which the lyricists described as a "sweet song." The opening song, "Arabian Nights" will also have a new verse, written by the team. This is exciting news for the upcoming Disney film, especially since the young collaborators have seen huge success with their recent hits. Keeping Menken in will also lend to consistency between the old and new tracks, making for a seamless musical spectacular.

Aladdin and Jasmine are a cute couple in the original movie, so maybe with this new duet will help deepen the relationship between the couple in a way the animated feature film didn't get to. News of Jasmine getting a song will make fans jump for joy, considering the Disney princess' solo song "To Be Free" was cut from the classic. However, this could hint that Jasmine's song in the live-action remake will possibly replace "To Be Free", which found life on the Broadway version of the musical. The recent Beauty and the Beast also ignored a beloved Broadway track made just for Belle called "Home". For Broadway fans, seeing a live-action musical of their favorite Disney films means seeing the one's that got away in the original, with Aladdin's solo Broadway hit, "Proud of You Boy" still up for grabs if the studio decides to use it.

New songs for Jasmine and Aladdin begs the question of if the Genie, played by Will Smith will also get some fresh tunes to sing as well. Considering that Robin Williams and Smith have two vastly different styles, and Williams improvised much of what ended up in the soundtrack for his character, one might wonder if Benj Pasek and Justin Paul are finished in the studio yet. The remake has also casted new characters, such as Saturday Night Live's Nasim Pedrad as Jasmine's handmaiden/best friend, and a right hand man for Jafar, named Hakim (played by Numan Acar), so they could have their own verses to sing as well, depending on what the filmmakers have in store.

It will soon come time to rub the magic lamp and return to the likes of Agrabah when the new Aladdin is released on May 24, 2019. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates on its development.

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