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Michael Myers in Halloween

If there is one genre known for its reinvention and penchant for sequels, it's horror. The most famous franchises from the horror world always seem to come back, even if there are years or decades between each new installment. That's certainly the case with with John Carpenter's iconic Halloween, which is approaching its whopping eleventh film in the property. Blumhouse Productions is bringing the new Halloween to theaters, ignoring all of the previous sequels and their narrative implications. But could Blumhouse already be developing another Halloween to follow up this year's addition? The studio recently answered this question on Twitter, Tweeting out:

We don't have a plan, but I love your question.

This response, which has since been deleted by Blumhouse's official Twitter, seems to indicate that the studio is focusing on the current upcoming blockbuster before thinking about the future of the franchise. But since the response has been taken off of Twitter, one has to wonder what Blumhouse has up its sleeve.

Blumhouse deleted Tweet, which comes to us from Comic Book, will likely elicit a mixed reaction for the hardcore fans of the Halloween franchise. The studio's focus on the upcoming sequel is certainly refreshing, and proves how much focus is being put on Jason David Green's canon-defying addition. Blumhouse took a ton of risks with Halloween's story, including the drastically new version of Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode that we'll meet when the highly anticipated film arrives in theaters.

The above tweet's deletion could possibly tease Blumhouse's future with the Halloween franchise. While there might not currently be any plans to continue the property's story, it seems that Blumhouse doesn't want to say never. Taking the tweet down possibly opens up Halloween's future, ensuring the studio doesn't appear unreliable if plans change, and yet another movie gets green-lit.

Anticipation for Halloween has been steadily building since the project was announced, especially with Jamie Lee Curtis returning as OG scream queen Laurie Strode. Things got amped up to 100 when the first Halloween trailer arrived, revealing how truly terrifying Michael Myers will be once he finally returns to Haddonfield in October. The trailer also features the most badass version of Laurie Strode yet; one who has spent the past 40 years preparing for her attacker's eventual return to finish the job he began all those years ago. Reception for Halloween has been at a high, so the film ends up being as great as it looks, it would stand to reason for Blumhouse to possibly continue the story down the line.

Aside from Halloween, Blumhouse has been behind some of the most successful modern horror movies. This includes The Purge franchise, The Conjuring, Don't Breathe, Happy Death Day, and Get Out.

You can see the new Halloween on October 19th. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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