Another Awesome Halloween Reference Has Been Spotted In Blumhouse’s New Sequel

Michael Myers in Halloween 2018
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As David Gordon Green's take on Halloween looms closer to release, to say fans are merely excited would be an understatement. The upcoming horror film is a direct sequel to the 1978 John Carpenter classic, and based on what we know about the film so far, it's heavily drawing on the original. Based on the terrifying trailer, fans have already spotted quite a few references to the first Halloween and more findings keep popping up. While looking at an image recently released by Entertainment Weekly, one fan shared one intricate detail found in both the original and the new sequel. Take a look.

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Your eyes don't deceive you, it looks like the Halloween filmmakers decided to add in a summer hat in the 2018 release identical to one that hangs on the walls in Laurie Strode's room back in 1978. This is a deep cut that even hardcore Halloween franchise devotees might not have noticed at first glance, but this fan couldn't help but share his findings. With Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her role as Laurie, exactly 40 years after she was stalked and chased by the frightening Michael Myers, it seems like no stone has been unturned to pay tribute to the original and make it feel directly related to the 70s film.

Since the first footage for Halloween was screened, it's been clear that director David Gordon-Green and co-writer Danny McBride closely noted the original while crafting their film. Everything from shot choices, to the unforgettable music, and story elements calls back to the horror film that started it all. It not only pays tribute to the original movie but adds quite a bit of fan service for those who have been re-watching and geeking out about Halloween since '78.

Halloween will implement a recent trend seen on streaming platforms in their film, as audiences will follow a crew of true-crime documentary filmmakers who are heading to Haddonfield. Before making their way to the suburbs in Illinois where the first horrifying events took place, they pay a visit to Michael Myers, who is locked up in a high-security hospital. Soon after, Myers escapes the facility and heads to Laurie to finish off the job, but this time the now 59-year-old woman is ready for him. While the new film will ignore the events of the sequels, but the Gordon-Green did previously comment that they will also saluting some of the other Halloween films with little easter eggs.

Let this detail serve as another teaser to get fans amped for this Halloween sequel coming to theaters on October 19. The film looks to be an impressive love letter to John Carpenter's horror classic and an intriguing continuation of the events that has haunted heroine Laurie Strode for 40 years.

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