An era of filmmaking will seemingly come to an end next year. Bond 25 is slated to debut in theaters next November, and popular James Bond actor Daniel Craig will potentially ride off into the sunset after one final go as the character. That said, with Craig probably leaving the series after this film, a new Bond will inevitably take his place.

With that in mind, and with the November 8, 2019 release of Bond 25 looming, we're left to brainstorm how the franchise could evolve in the wake of Craig's eventual departure. To accomplish that end, we have put together a list of ways that the series could change and make itself distinct from previous eras. On that note, let's kick things off by addressing the most essential change: the recasting process.

Cast A VERY Different Bond

While it might not be Idris Elba, that mentality is actually a pretty solid direction. It's no secret that every Bond has been a white man in his late thirties or forties, and there's a lot of room to change the character and try something completely different. One obvious way to change the character would be to cast a suave person of color in the role, but really, we just want to see any change that helps create some distance between Daniel Craig's now-classic brooding Bond, and the version of the character that will inevitably surpass him when he hangs up his tuxedo for good. It could be the actor's look or his personality, but it's time for someone who is decidedly NOT Daniel Craig in the role.

Insert More Humor Into The Franchise Again

The Bond series has often had an issue with tone, not quite figuring out how to balance camp with darkness. Though Casino Royale rejuvenated the series by bringing a new level of darkness to Bond, now might be the time to introduce some appropriate levels of comedy into the Bond universe again. Part of that would involve writing funnier movies, and another dimension of that process would involve casting a funnier actor to take Daniel Craig's place. The humor in the movies can be handled on a case-by-case basis, but generally speaking, the James Bond franchise feels like it should fall somewhere between Mission: Impossible and the Bourne series in terms of tone. Serious and full of high stakes, but with enough cheekiness to remind the audience that Bond has a dry wit.

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