Avengers: Infinity War Image Reveals How Close Thanos Came To Losing On Titan

After a decade of filmmaking and countless blockbusters, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe came together this past April when Avengers: Infinity War arrived in theaters. Almost every major character from the MCU joined forces to unite against Josh Brolin's Thanos, but the Russo Brothers threw us all for a loop by having the Mad Titan actually win. After collecting the uber-powerful Infinity Stones, Thanos was able to snap his fingers and destroy half the galaxy. This was almost stopped a number of times throughout the film, perhaps the most notable being the awesome battle on his home planet, Titan. The motley crew of Guardians and Avengers tried to separate Thanos from the Infinity Gauntlet, with Spider-Man nearly succeeding before Peter Quill's act of blind rage ruined everything. A new image of that confrontation has now hit the web, revealing Peter Parker was inches away from procuring the Gauntlet before it all went downhill.

from r/marvelstudios

Seriously, how cool is that? While Thanos' various near losses are excruciating in their own way, seeing Spider-Man so close to victory over the big purple guy is almost heartbreaking. Especially considering Peter's fate once the villain finally snaps his fingers.

This new image comes to us from Reddit, and shows how nail biting the various action sequences in Infinity War truly are. Thanos arrived and killed off major characters from the jump, allowing the stakes of the blockbuster to skyrocket. And while there was still the Battle of Wakanda before Thanos ultimately collected all of the stones, the more intimate yet equally epic sequence on Titan provided this close call. If only Star-Lord's heart wasn't broken with the news of Gamora's death.

When the Guardians and Avengers members meet on Titan, the heroes hatch a plan to thwart Thanos-- apparently the only one that has a chance to succeed, according to Doctor Strange. The characters unite their various powers and technology for an ambush, and Mantis attempts to subdue the hero long enough for Tony Stark and Peter Parker to get the Gauntlet off him. It's a thrilling sequence, and Peter Parker is just a few inches away from victory. And in his case, that would have saved the teenage superhero from turning to dust in Infinity War's most devastating moment.

Spider-Man almost getting the Infinity Gauntlet off Thanos is just another reason to love the character, who has become one of the MCU's favorites in just a few short appearances in the shared universe. After Tom Holland made a splash in Captain America: Civil War, the character started a new franchise with Spider-Man: Homecoming-- one that is expected to kick off the next phase of films in Far From Home.

We'll see what happens to Spider-Man, Thanos, and the rest of the MCU when Avengers 4 arrives May 3rd, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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