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Star Wars fans are excited that Billy Dee Williams is coming back to the Star Wars franchise, as he's getting ready for that return in the most Billy Dee way possible. The actor recently released a short clip of himself getting into the physical shape to play Lando Calrissian again, and it turns out that Billy Dee Williams so cool that he even works out in shades. Check it out.

Billy Dee Williams says in the post on Twitter that he's feeling better than ever and he's certainly looking good throwing punch after punch at Gunnar Peterson, the personal trainer to the stars that is getting Billy Dee screen ready. While the actor may not look ready to star in the next Rocky movie, he still looks pretty damn good for an 81-year-old actor. He's the last guy in his 80s I'd want to mess with.

Of course, Billy Dee Williams built a reputation over the years of being one cool guy, so of course, he wouldn't bother taking off his sunglasses to workout. That wouldn't be cool enough. Although I can't decide if I like that, or the fact that his workout clothes have his initials, better.

Billy Dee Williams has been working with a personal trainer for some time. In fact, it was his admission that he was doing so that first got the rumor mill going about the possibility of a return to Star Wars. The fact that Williams was working out in the months prior to production starting on Star Wars Episode IX had many wondering if the timing wasn't a coincidence. As it turned out, it wasn't. After being apparently confirmed in the trades, Lucasfilm revealed that Billy Dee Williams would, in fact, be returning to play Lando Calrissian in Star Wars Episode IX. Of course, that doesn't mean we have the first clue how Lando will reenter the story, or where he's been for the last two movies.

It's going to be great to see Lando again, if only because the current Star Wars universe is now somewhat devoid of our favorite characters. While we know that Mark Hamill will be returning, one doesn't expect that a character who is likely now a Force Ghost will have a major role. We also know that Carrie Fisher will be back in Episode IX via the use of deleted scenes from the previous two movies. Though, that too will likely limit how big a part Leia will have. At this point, the only original trilogy mainstay who will likely be really involved in the story is Chewbacca, so bringing Lando back in will be nice for the old school fans. Star Wars Episode IX is now in production and will hit theaters in December 2019.

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