The Simple Favor Costume Anna Kendrick Fought With Paul Feig Over

Anna in the sweater

There are a variety of ways that actors get into character. For some its intense method acting, and for others its research and preparation. But costuming can also really help a performance, illustrating a character's inner psyche and informing actors' movements. Director Paul Feig has a signature dapper style of his own, and put a ton of fashion choices in his upcoming comedy/drama thriller A Simple Favor. While Blake Lively is wearing some outrageous costumes as Emily, Anna Kendrick's protagonist Stephanie also rocks some doozies. In particular, a sweater covered with little colorful balls of cotton. I recently spoke with Anna Kendrick about her work in A Simple Favor, where she revealed that particular was a point of contention with Feig, saying:

He loved that sweater. And I said 'Ok Paul, I feel like we're gonna get into a fight about this. I'll arm wrestle you over this' I was like 'I'll wear the pom pom sweater, but with jeans or something. And I'll wear the sequence skirt but with a normal t-shirt'. And he was like 'No, you're gonna wear them together.' It was the day we almost got into a knife night. No big deal.

That's quite the hilarious discussion for such a silly piece of clothing. Ultimately Paul Feig got his way, and Stephanie's cotton ball sweater made into the film, with the potential to get quite a few laughs when it hits theaters. Furthermore, the scene was so essential that she's seen rocking that sweater in the trailer. Poor Anna Kendrick.

Visually, the costumes in A Simple Favor show how different the two leading ladies ultimately are. Anna Kendrick's Stephane is uptight, and doesn't seem to interact with adult people all that much. Meanwhile, Blake Lively's Emily is effortlessly iconic and unapologetically herself. Her costumes are loud and fierce, and the opposite of Stephanie's somewhat sheepish demeanor. But the ladies ultimately affect each other through their friendship, with Stephanie's costumes reflecting it.

You can check out my full conversation with Anna Kendrick about her A Simple Favor costumes, including the near arm wrestle with Paul Feig, below.

Ultimately it looks like Paul Feig and Anna Kendrick came to a compromise, despite the actress' trepidation over her hilarious costumes. Touches like Stephanie's sweater show how much comedy is ultimately inserted into A Simple Favor, despite the film's high stakes and mysterious plot. But considering Bridesmaids and Freaks and Geeks icon Feig was behind the director's chair, this shouldn't come to much of a surprise.

You can catch A Simple Favor in theaters on September 14, 2018. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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