At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Nick Fury paged for help just before he, along with half the universe, turned to dust. Next year, we'll find out how he knew who to contact in the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Captain Marvel. Last week, we got our first official images from the film, which gave us glimpses at the titular hero, a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson and the Skrulls. Among the images released was one that showed Brie Larson's Carol Danvers flanked by four armed compatriots, approaching Ronan the Accuser and Jude Law's mysterious character. In the image, they are all wearing matching green and black uniforms with stars on their chests. That is because they are all serving members of Starforce.

It was also revealed that Captain Marvel will not be an origin story in the traditional sense, and that Carol Danvers will already have her powers and be a member of Starforce when the film starts. So what exactly is Starforce, and who are Captain Marvel's teammates? It might sound like a new name for a Jedi Order desperately in need of a rebrand, but like most things in the MCU, Starforce has its roots in the comics. So read on to find out everything you need to know about the history and members of the Starforce and what their inclusion tells us about Captain Marvel.

Starforce's Comics History

Starforce was introduced in Marvel Comics back in 1992 in Avengers #346, which was part of the crossover event Operation: Galactic Storm. This storyline chronicled the intergalactic war between the Kree and Shi'ar empires. Starforce is an elite branch of the Kree military made up of the empire's most skilled genetic creations, tasked with the purported goal of defending the empire against threats like the Avengers. Seeking to return to power, the deposed Kree ruler, the Supreme Intelligence, assembled the highly dedicated team.

When the Avengers arrived on the Kree homeworld, hoping to broker peace and protect Earth from becoming collateral damage in the war, they were confronted by Starforce, who believed them part of a plot to assassinate the Kree rulers. While they are there, the Shi'ar assassin Deathbird carried out the assassinations and Starforce arrests the Avengers. Starforce then headed out on a mission to assassinate Lilandra, the Shi'ar empress. Little did they know though that another group of Avengers was there and they, along with the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, defeated Starforce. The Avengers, having exposed Skrull infiltrators in the Shi'ar court, pleaded for Starforce's lives and attempted to convince Lilandra not to deploy the Nega Bomb, a weapon of mass destruction against the Kree. Starforce was spared, but the Skrulls seized the bomb and took it to Kree space.

They found that they were all of them deceived, for in Palpatinian fashion, the entire war, the assassination, the Skrulls, everything, was an elaborate plot by the Supreme Intelligence to have the Shi'ar Nega Bomb detonated on the Kree homeworld in an effort to force Kree evolution. The bomb went off, the war ended, the Shi'ar won and the Starforce was essentially disbanded, although some did serve as the Shi'ar Starforce for a time.

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