The Charlie’s Angels Reboot Has Added Patrick Stewart For A Cool Role

Patrick Stewart as professor X in Logan

Elizabeth Banks' reboot of the Charlie's Angels franchise is promising to be something different for the series, and the newest piece of casting is more evidence that this is the case. Patrick Stewart has now joined the film to play the familiar role of Bosley. While that in itself isn't unusual, what makes it so is that director Elizabeth Banks was, and still is, planning to play the same role.

While the new Charlie's Angels movie will have the same basic premise as the TV series it was based on, which itself saw a pair of previous big-screen adaptations, the new movie will change things up in a few key ways. First and foremost, the detective agency run by Charlie Townsend will actually be a global security firm with agents all over the world. The movie will simply focus on one of the offices, where the Angels, played by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska, all work. Another big change was set to be the fact that Bosley, normally the Angels' primary point of contact for the never-seen Charlie, was going to be played by a woman, in this case, director Elizabeth Banks, instead of it being the only regular male role from the series.

Now, it appears that the plan is for the new Charlie's Angels to have multiple Bosleys, with Banks playing one and Patrick Stewart playing another, and perhaps other actors playing the role as well, it's not clear. The Hollywood Reporter doesn't explain how the multiple Bosleys will work so it doesn't appear to be known. The most likely scenario is that, if there are multiple offices for the agency filled with multiple Angels, each one probably has its own "Bosley." Since it appears we'll be seeing agents from multiple offices working together then there's a good chance that we'll see multiple Boselys as well.

The only question is, are they all actually called Bosley? This makes it sound like Bosley is a codename rather than the person's actual name, which seems like something that would only breed confusion in your global company. Are they numbered? Or is Bosley a job title? Perhaps it's just a nickname. Maybe every office calls their "guy" Bosley for reasons the movie will make clear (perhaps reasons related to the original series if the movie is supposed to take place in the same universe).

Whatever the rationale, Patrick Stewart is a fantastic addition to any movie's cast and the character details are irrelevant. Although, this modern and updated take on Charlie's Angels certainly makes the movie more interesting than it would otherwise be. With a release date almost exactly a year away, we still have a bit of time to wait to see what the end result of this unique version will be.

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