Ryan Reynolds' Six Underground Video Proves It's Definitely A Michael Bay Movie

Earlier this month, there was a bit of intrigue about what exactly Six Underground is. Ostensibly a big-budget Netflix action film from director Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds, there was a rumor that it was actually a secret ThunderCats movie. That rumor turned out to be false (although someone should make a ThunderCats movie). Six Underground is not a ThunderCats movie. What Six Underground is, though, is a Michael Bay movie and Ryan Reynolds makes that perfectly clear in a new video where he speaks about what it's like to work with the blockbuster director. Take a look:

Ah yes, the quiet moments that are the hallmarks of Michael Bay's oeuvre, I know exactly what Ryan Reynolds is talking about, but can't quite put my finger on a specific example at the moment. Six Underground is a Michael Bay film alright, and what better way to illustrate that than with a car being launched into the air in gloriously chaotic and awesome fashion? If you aren't paying attention to the background noise on the set, you might not see it coming until the cars start passing by in the background awfully fast. Ryan Reynolds plays the satire perfectly in his Twitter post, and the drone doesn't even come into the shot until after the stunt. Once the action hits though, it becomes perfectly clear that this is definitely a Michael Bay movie. The only thing missing is an American flag.

You don't hire Michael Bay because you want quiet moments where you get lost in the character's eyes. You hire Michael Bay for explosive action and that's what we see here. This is the director's bread and butter, and Six Underground should give audiences exactly what they have come to expect from a Michael Bay movie (and frankly, what he does best), and that's ridiculous action on a grand scale.

The plot of Six Underground is still being kept under wraps, but when news of the project first broke, THR reported that sources said it was about six billionaires who fake their deaths and form a team to take down criminals. Ryan Reynolds has described it as an insane action film that takes place in exotic locales like Florence and Abu Dhabi. Now thanks to this video, we know that the film will probably feature a major car chase at some point.

Six Underground is directed by Michael Bay and written by Deadpool 2's Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The Netflix film stars Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Dave Franco, Adria Arjona, Ben Hardy and Corey Hawkins. There is no official date, but Six Underground is eyeing a summer 2019 release on Netflix.

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Nick Evans

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