Benedict Wong's Avengers 4 Photo Is Deeply Unsettling

Anticipation is high for Avengers 4, and the hype is only increased all the more by the fact that no knows anything about the upcoming movie. We're still eagerly awaiting for a title reveal, but until then the film is working on wrapping up its reshoots. Small details have emerged from the set thanks to the actors sharing moments to their social media feeds. This is a pretty good indicator of who will be appearing in the movie, and it looks like Wong is back for round. But good luck looking past this profoundly unsettling post from Benedict Wong.

A photo posted by on

I have no clue what's going on in that photo, and the confusion is not making me feel any better.

When we last left Wong, he was making a strategic retreat to the Sanctum Sanctorum. Without Doctor Strange there to protect it, it falls to Wong to make sure that none of the mystical power in the house is misused by others, which is apparently of equal importance to protecting the Infinity Stones. Regardless, Wong makes his exit, and it's unknown if he survived universe-killing Snap from Thanos at the end of the movie. Whether he survived or not, it looks like Wong will be in the film, as Benedict Wong shared a photo confirming his involvement in the movie.

As to what that involvement is, Benedict Wong's Instagram post leaves fans guessing. The actor is getting some serious makeup removed (or put on?) his face, and the incredibly life-like cosmetics make it look like his face is legit getting ripped off. My discomfort aside, Wong writes that this is the"cleaning of spoilers," which doesn't provide any extra clues. Why does Wong need a face mask? Was it to make him look younger, older? Does he suffer wounds in battle? I don't know enough about movie makeup to understand what they are doing, but maybe all will become clear when Avengers 4 arrive in the theater.

More than a few people in the comments are saying that Wong is going to be a Skrull, the shapeshifting aliens making their debut in Captain Marvel next year. That doesn't make much sense, seeing as how they wouldn't put Benedict Wong's makeup face over a Skrull face when VFX exist, but people are going to be calling Skrull for a while until this movie hits theaters.

Skrull or not, Benedict Wong and his face will appear in Avengers 4, which is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019. For more information about this massive blockbuster, here's what we know so far, and for everything coming from Marvel, here's our Phase 3 movie guide to keep it all in check.

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