Apparently Lady Gaga's Fans Are Telling People Not To See Venom In Theaters

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Since Sony's announcement of a solo movie for Venom without Spider-man was made, fans have been eager to see just how the offbeat release would play out. Last night, Venom had its world premiere and some early reviewers took to Twitter to offer some first impressions. The reactions revealed the film to be disappointing to many, while others found it oddly entertaining and fun. At the same time an outpour of Twitter users also started badmouthing Venom just because ... well they like Lady Gaga more. Plus, her leading lady debut A Star is Born will be released on the same day.

Lady Gaga fans, also known as The Little Monsters, look to have no problem taking on the alien symbiote, according to a Buzzfeed News report. It started when a few Twitter users noticed a string of tweets from multiple users commenting the same exact disappointing comment about Venom, word for word. Other similar tweets directly referenced their decision to see A Star is Born next after bashing Venom as well. Users who noticed this sudden trend attributed it to bots attacking the movie, while others pointed to Lady Gaga fans fabricating negative reviews for Venom in order to turn the conversation back to A Star is Born.

Some of the "Twitter trolls" were contacted in the report, showing the trend wasn't just a bot problem. One user who had the same tweet with multiple other users explained he was just bored, and it was a joke between him and a few of his mutuals to steal each other's tweets. Another user explained that she collaborated with other fans to create fake IDs on Twitter to trash the Venom premiere. In the past, Lady Gaga has reached out to her fans on Twitter before, to ask them to stop trolling the internet on her behalf so this anti-Venom trend isn't completely surprising. The pop star has a colossal fan following and seeing her succeed this weekend at the box office might be the intention behind some of these widespread tweets criticizing Venom.

Since A Star is Born was first screened about a month ago, it electrified audiences, bringing in an overwhelming amount of rave reviews its way. This supposed wrath from The Little Monsters may not be necessary, as Lady Gaga fans and excited cinephiles head to the theaters this weekend. Venom certainly will have the curiosity of comic book fans on their side, but as more reputable critics express their distaste for the movie, it could be looking at a bomb. Following the Venom trolls, fans have been lightly firing back, with some expressing their desire to see it despite the reviews while others used the language of the trolls to flip it in favor of Venom.

The two upcoming releases are polar-opposites, making for an exciting box office brawl this weekend when Venom and A Star is Born come to theaters on October 5.

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