David Harbour Will Marry Two Fans As Hellboy If Enough People Share His Tweet

Thanks to the internet, fans and celebrities have the opportunity to interact in a wide variety of ways - and while a good solid chunk of that has communication been ridiculously poisonous, there is some great positivity that can result as well. In fact, one great display of this is currently active, as there is an on-going campaign trying to get actor David Harbour to officiate a wedding between two fans in full Hellboy makeup.

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This all started in late September when Spencer Perry, Executive Editor at ComingSoon.net (and, in full disclosure, a personal friend) reached out to David Harbour on social media. He and his fiancee Carly Lane, Contributing Editor at SYFY Wire, are currently planning their wedding for early 2019, and given that they are both huge Hellboy fans, they thought it might be nice for the event to feature Harbour's presence (as he is starring in next year's Hellboy movie).

This weekend Harbour confirmed that he would do it, provided that his message on Twitter received enough attention from fans. Specifically, if his single Tweet gets 666,000 retweets, he will dress up as the red half-demon and officiate the ceremony

There is a fun extra twist to this, though, and it makes it seem like the whole thing is going to happen. While 666,000 retweets is a lot, David Harbour said that he would bring the number down to 166,000 retweets provided that the ceremony would also feature a poetry reading by Mike Mignola - the man responsible for Hellboy's creation. That wish was granted by Mignola yesterday with a Tweet of his own:

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At the time that this article is being written the post still has some distance to go still, standing at about 22,700 - which means that it has about 143,300 retweets to go. That is far from an insurmountable number, however, particularly when you consider that the post only went live two days ago. The wedding is being planned for March, so there is still plenty of time for the Tweet to hit the magic number - and if it does I'm sure we'll all be treated to some of the greatest wedding photos of all time. Fingers are tightly crossed that this whole thing works out.

As for David Harbour's Hellboy movie, the film was originally scheduled to come on on January 11, 2019, but late last month it got pushed to April 12, 2019. The movie is a reboot of the Guillermo del Toro films, directed by Neil Marshall, and features a cast that includes not only David Harbour, but Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Daniel Dae Kim, and more. Because of the release date change we're not entirely sure right now when we're actually going to see our first footage from the film, and specifically Harbour in action as the titular hero, but hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer.

For all of the latest news and updates about Hellboy, as well as this Hellboy-themed wedding, stay tuned here on CinemaBlend - and to see all of the releases set to hit theaters next year, be sure to check out our 2019 Release Calendar.

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