New Ralph Breaks The Internet Video Is All About Gal Gadot’s Shank

Since a sequel was announced for Wreck-It Ralph, Disney fans have been buzzing about Vanellope's run-in with all the Disney Princesses in one room. The studio originally didn't disclose another exciting appearance of Diana Prince herself, Gal Gadot. The original voice role was announced just a few months before the film's release. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Gadot is playing a badass racer named Shank who looks to make quite the impression on Vanellope. Take a look:

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No, "shank" you Gal! The Wonder Woman actress shared the special look at her character on her Instagram, in anticipation for the coming Disney sequel. Ralph Breaks the Internet will have our arcade game pals journeying through a Wi-Fi router into the World Wide Web, to find a replacement wheel for Vanellope's game Sugar Rush. Somewhere along the way, the pair will encounter Gadot as Shank in her street race game Slaughter Race. Shank has been described as a tough-as-nails racer who has incredible driving skills and immense kindness at her core.

Since Vanellope is quite the skilled racer herself, she will face-off against Shank and leave the leading video game character crazy impressed. In the special look, Vanellope is super starstruck by her and can't stop gushing about her to Ralph.

The clip teases a sweet exchange between Vanellope and Shank, who seem to be talking about her dream to continue racing in the game. Vanellope however feels like she can't tell him of her aspirations or leave him to the world of arcade games alone, to which Shank offers some advice about.

While Wreck-It Ralph had the unlikely pair become best pals, the sequel will test their friendship as they find conflict with each other on their surfs through the internet. Ralph's voice John C. Reilly has previously explained that his character and Vanellope's (voiced by Sarah Silverman) are challenged as Ralph holds on a little too tight and stints his friend from growing. It's a deep message for Disney to take on in Ralph Breaks the Internet, and Gal Gadot's Shank may be at the center of it.

Along with tackling what it means to be a real friend, the sequel will of course poke fun and discuss the world of the internet and video games. Wreck-It Ralph was about the nostalgia of a old gaming platform but Ralph Breaks the Internet has the ability to venture into the present and make quips, and commentary on the virtual world we often spend our time in.

For the lucky few who have seen Ralph Breaks the Internet, the film has skewed toward a positive reception. Disney Animation rarely graces fans with sequels, so the expansion of this world is an exciting one, including the addition of Gal Gadot in her first collaboration with the studio. Ralph Breaks the Internet races to theaters on November 21.

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