New Wreck-It Ralph 2 Video Shows Off Gal Gadot's Character In Action

Gal Gadot may be reprising her role iconic role in Wonder Woman 1984, but the actress will also be appearing in another highly anticipated sequel. Gadot will be lending her voice to Ralph Breaks the Internet, the follow up to Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. In the film, Gadot plays Shank, a character from a racing game who becomes an ally to Ralph and his friend Vanellope von Schweetz. Not long after the initial announcement, new footage of the film has been released that offers the first look at Gadot's Shank in action. Check out the footage below.

Before becoming Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot was best known for her role as Giselle, a calm and cool street racer from the Fast and Furious franchise. Giselle died in Furious 6, so Ralph Breaks the Internet is probably the closets that fans will get to seeing the character again. Gadot dusts off her mad driving skills in Ralph Breaks the Internet as Shank, a character from an online racing game called Slaughter Race. She's got something of a bad-girl vibe, and the latest footage from the sequel fittingly shows off Shanks racing against Vanellope.

While Disney Princess just hanging out in their pajamas has become the high point of the film's trailers, it's hard to ignore Gal Gadot. The latest footage from Ralph Breaks the Internet shows Ralph (John C. Reily) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) meeting Shank and engaging in a race. It looks like Vanellope is great at racing in pretty much any game she's in, pulling off some slick moves against Shank and earning some respect. Slaughter Race looks like Fast and Furious mixed with Mad Max, which is to say it's metal as hell.

This is a pretty good tease for Shank and the world that she lives in, although it doesn't give us much of a peek at her personality. Gadot has said that Shank is tough, but has a sweet and friendly side as well. Here's hoping that she gets to leave her game to help Ralph and Vanellope out in the wilds of the internet.

Ralph Breaks the Internet looks very fun, and it'll be exciting to see how the movie will tackle (and make fun of) the internet at large. The movie is set with a release date for November 21, 2018. To find out more about what Disney has coming down the pipeline, here are all the Disney films that you need to keep on your watch list. For everything else hitting theaters through the course of the year, here is our 2018 movie release schedule. For more movie news and updates, be sure to keep it right here at CinemaBlend where we will update you as soon as the information becomes available.

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