Netflix Has An Awesome Hidden Tribute To Stan Lee

Stan Lee in Doctor Strange
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Since news broke of Marvel great Stan Lee's death earlier this week, an outpouring of love and precious tributes have spread across the internet. The most recent being from Netflix, which has added a feature to its streaming platform to pay homage to the comic book legend. When fans type in "Excelsior!" into the search bar, a list of select Marvel titles, including Black Panther and the Daredevil series, will pop up.

The selection of titles on Netflix differs based on what is offered in your region, but U.S. residents can enjoy everything from some of the newest MCU installments such as Thor: Ragnarok, revisit the infamous Spider-Man 3 or binge watch a Netflix/Marvel original series such as Jessica Jones. It's a sweet and clever little tribute from the streaming giant, taking reference from Stan Lee's longtime catchphrase which means "ever upward" in Latin. For users who want to look back at the comic book writer and producer's impact on cinematic storytelling, this is a simple way to find all available on Netflix in one search.

Stan Lee can even be seen in many of the featured titles, as he made cameos in many Marvel films and television series. From a New York bus rider in Doctor Strange to the barber responsible for Thor's new look in Ragnarok, a look back at his short moments in these blockbusters is worth another watch. In the hours following Lee's death on Monday, stars and filmmakers such as Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans have posted their reactions in his memory, expressing their love for the prominent Marvel innovator.

Studios such as Disney's Marvel Studios, Fox and Sony have also taken out ads to remember Stan Lee alongside fans who have been sharing their stories and childhood full of Lee's creations. Netflix's easter egg touch on its streaming platform is a wonderful way to showcase its nice selection of Marvel produced films and television shows, and I hope it keeps it permanently as an easy shortcut for when fans are in the Marvel mood. If it wasn't for Lee's imagination to help create "every-man" superheroes such as Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and Ant-Man, the expansive universe wouldn't be where it is today.

Even after his death, his tradition of cameos hasn't yet seen its end. It has been announced that the legend will have a cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet, which he wasn't able to see before his passing, but the film's director describes as "very poignant" and special now that he is no longer with us. Lee also previously recorded a cameo in the upcoming Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse coming to theaters just one month after the Wreck-It Ralph sequel. Stan Lee's last cameo might be in the highly-anticipated release of Avengers 4 coming in May 2019, but who knows? Excelsior!

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