Tom Felton Hasn’t Rewatched The Harry Potter Movies

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy holding a goblet

The Harry Potter films certainly mean a lot to Tom Felton, but that doesn't mean he's made a point to actually watch them since they came out. The actor, who played Draco Malfoy in all eight movies, recently admitted that, while he saw each of the movies when they premiered he hasn't gone back to watch any of them since then. To be fair, he's got a pretty good reason for not seeing them. He plans to make his first re-watch the first viewing for some special people that don't actually exist yet, his kids. According to Felton...

I have seen the Potter films during the premieres, but other than that no --- never! I'm saving that for a sacred day.I have visions of doing that with my two kids, when I'm a little bit older.

Tom Felton will certainly be a bit older, as People points out he doesn't have any kids yet, and thus he apparently won't be watching the Harry Potter movies again until the youngest one is old enough to sit through a movie, which means it will likely be the better part of a decade at least before Felton actually decides to show his kids what he was doing when he was there age.

It isn't all that surprising to learn that Tom Felton has never watched the Harry Potter movies since their premiere. On the one hand, a lot of actors never watch themselves, they just find the experience strange, and the fact that Felton was so young when he made the films, especially the first few, means watching them has to be even odder. Watching your ten-year-old self on the screen when you're eleven is one thing, doing it when you're 30 is something else entirely.

If you've waited this long, then seeing the movies with your kids sounds like a great way to reintroduce yourself to them down the road. Watching movies that they loved is something that many parents take great joy in. There will probably be a lot of very special viewings of the Harry Potter movies in the years to come as the generation that grew up watching them has kids and wants to show the series to them. The perspective is certainly different for Tom Felton, but the basic feeling is still the same.

One expects that, watching the Harry Potter movies with his kids, assuming the day comes, will be a pretty great experience. Kids almost always love every movie they see, which means they'll probably adore something like the Wizarding World films, especially the first couple, which are very family friendly and full of magic. Whether or not the kids actually believe the blonde-haired jerk is actually their dad is an open question. Whether or not they like their dad as much when they see what Draco Malfoy does to Harry Potter is also interesting to consider.

Dirk Libbey
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