Someone Made A John Wick Toy Story 4 Poster (Pity Poor Slinky)

Slinky Dog must be avenged! You must've seen the news that Keanu Reeves has a role in the upcoming movie Toy Story 4. That inevitably led to jokes about Reeves' assassin John Wick in the Toy Story universe. And that inevitably led to this very well-made but also very unofficial John Wick/Toy Story mashup poster:

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You may have to click on the Twitter photo to see the full carnage. Poor Slinky. There's no way dog lover like John Wick would've hurt him. But now John has to grab his many, many guns and head out there to avenge Slinky's brutal death. That's partly how we met John Wick back in 2014 for his first film. Keanu Reeves' character returned, with a new dog, in John Wick: Chapter 2 in 2017. Now filming appears to be wrapping up for John Wick 3: Parabellum, which is scheduled for release this coming May.

This Toy Story/John Wick mashup poster comes from BossLogic. Yes, he's done it again. The artist has most recently been on a streak of showing what different actors would look like as different famous characters. For example, he showed Jared Leto as Loki, and Tom Hiddleston as the Joker. There's also Gal Gadot as Black Widow, with Scarlett Johansson as Wonder Woman.

As much as BossLogic's new poster is impressive, we're pretty sure Keanu Reeves won't be showing up in Toy Story 4 as a toy version of R-rated John Wick. It's not like John Wick is Reeves' only famous character. Honestly, we wouldn't be shocked to hear a Ted-like "whoa" come out of his animated toy. They could also give him a Speed spoof in some fashion. Or make him stop any ammunition flying his way like Neo.

Tim Allen did say that Keanu Reeves has a great role in Toy Story 4, albeit a changed role from the original idea, which Reeves apparently found too close to Allen's own Buzz Lightyear.

Allen and Toy Story co-star Tom Hanks already have us worried for what happens in this film, since both actors mentioned struggling to record the end of the script. It gave them Too Many Feels.

So far, Toy Story 4 has only given us a teaser trailer with the toys floating in the sky -- until new character Forky freaks out because he feels he doesn't belong there. We know Keanu Reeves isn't voicing Forky since Tony Hale has that job. But we're definitely curious to see what's up with Mr. Reeves in this film.

Toy Story 4 is scheduled to float into theaters on June 21, 2019. At that point, John Wick 3 should still be in theaters, after its release on May 17, 2019. It's going to be an extremely competitive summer. Keep up with everything coming in our 2019 release guide.

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