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See What Jared Leto And Tom Hiddleston Would Look Like As Each Other's Comic Book Character

Although they are very different in their motivations and their madness, two characters cut from similar cloth that both enjoy a good joke are Marvel's trickster god, Loki, and DC's Crown Prince of Crime, The Joker. With that in mind, check out the fan art below that imagines what the actors who portray these roles on the big screen, Jared Leto and Tom Hiddleston, would look like as each other's characters.

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Like his Gal Gadot Black Widow, artist BossLogic nails this DC/Marvel actor swap, showing how naturally Tom Hiddleston and Jared Leto would fit into each other's roles. At first glance the Loki image actually does look like Tom Hiddleston and I could totally see Oscar winner Jared Leto playing tricks on Chris Hemsworth's Thor.

The contrast with Tom Hiddleston's Joker is more stark, omitting the 'Damaged' tattoo and punk rock look of Jared Leto's depiction, and instead going for a more deranged aesthetic, with cracked face paint and mouth scars like Heath Ledger's iconic portrayal of the character in The Dark Knight.

Another thing that the artist does here is include small characteristics in each piece that call back to the actor's actual comic book movie role. For example, Tom Hiddleston's Joker retains long hair like Loki, instead of the slicked back look Jared Leto rocks as Batman's arch nemesis.

The Joker piece also has "We Have A Harley" written on the wall of the padded cell, which is a callback to Marvel's Avengers when Tony Stark warns would-be conqueror Loki of the big green guy. On the Jared Leto Loki image, you'll notice that Loki's outfit and helmet are accented with purple, echoing the Clown Prince of Crime's preferred suit color.

In addition to the obvious artistic merit of BossLogic's Elsebothworlds actor/character swaps, he also made great picks of which characters should have their respective actors switched. The pairings make total sense, like Aquaman and Thor, both sovereigns of otherworldly places; Captain America and Superman, the leaders and beating hearts of their respective teams; and Batman and Iron Man, the two individuals that always have a plan and don't let sentiment get in the way.

Although a solo Joker film starring Jared Leto is or was in the works, we haven't heard much about it with Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, taking up most of the talk around the character lately.

Yet Jared Leto will soon be playing another comic book character, this time in the Marvel universe, but not as Loki. He will instead be joining Sony's developing Spider-Verse as Marvel's living vampire in Morbius. And if you want to draw further connections between Tom Hiddleston and Jared Leto, the former played a vampire himself in Only Lovers Left Alive.

Next up for Tom Hiddleston is more mischief as Loki in the recently announced Loki limited series on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. Check out our Holiday Movie Guide for everything worth paying attention to this holiday season and for all the latest on Marvel and DC, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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