Amy Adams Thinks She’s Out Of The DC Universe

Amy Adams as Lois Lane with Henry Cavill as Clark Kent Superman in DC Man of Steel

If Henry Cavill is out of the DCEU as Superman, does that mean Amy Adams is out as Lois Lane? She seems to think so, but apparently no one has made it 100 percent clear to her. The five-time Oscar nominee brought up her status in an Actors on Actors chat with DC's newest addition, Aquaman star Nicole Kidman:

Amy Adams: I think I'm out of the DC universe now, but I was in it for a while.Nicole Kidman: No!Amy: Yeah, I think they're revamping that. I don't know the details.Nicole: But you're not ever allowed to really discuss anything to do with it until it's out, right?

From there, the Variety Actors on Actors talk segued into Nicole Kidman not knowing what she was allowed to say about Aquaman, other than that she's in it as Atlanna. Apparently DC/Warner Bros. keeps a tight lockdown on spoilers, but perhaps they could be more forthcoming with talent.

Amy Adams co-starred in the first film in the DC Extended Universe, Man of Steel. She returned as Superman's journalist special lady friend in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

But a few months ago, reports came out that Henry Cavill was leaving the DCEU as Superman, with someone else potentially picking up the cape.

Henry Cavill was supposedly meant to have a cameo in the upcoming Shazam! movie but talks broke down. Reports spread that the DCEU was potentially starting over with new Superman and Batman actors -- since rumors have long swirled about Ben Affleck leaving the DCEU as Batman.

Nothing has been confirmed on the Superman or Batman fronts, and Warner Bros. followed the Henry Cavill rumors by saying no decisions had been made. It seems like no talks have move forward on this topic because WB/DC are too busy with the nine million other films in development to announce plans for Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

But someone should really let Amy Adams know where things stand for her Lois Lane. She didn't come across as just being cagey about her status, it sounded like she knew about as much as the average "source" out there sharing updates.

When you have Amy Adams in your franchise, it would be smart not to lose her. But that's just my take. Maybe Lois Lane could join Atlanna in their own spinoff -- or join the Mera/Wonder Woman spinoff that Amber Heard just pitched. In their Variety Actors on Actors chat, Adams and Nicole Kidman basically begged Hollywood to cast them in something as sisters, so if the DCEU is "revamping" things, maybe find a way to make them sisters so you can keep that kind of talent in-house.

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Gina Carbone

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