Fred Savage Wasn't Thrilled That Deadpool Kidnapped Him

On its surface, experiencing a friendly kidnapping orchestrated by Deadpool doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world. After all, the guy is clever and witty, and seems like a pretty fun fella to hang out with for a spell. In fact, I imagine that there are many Deadpool fans out there who would actually cheer if he were to burst through the door. Fred Savage, however, is not one of those people - as I learned earlier this month sitting down with the actor/director for a special interview:

Fred Savage is featured alongside the mutant assassin in the new special theatrical cut of Deadpool 2 - titled Once Upon A Deadpool - but it seems that the experience making the unique cut of the superhero feature wasn't super pleasurable for the former Wonder Years star. Believe it or not, he was not at all on board with the idea of the Merc With The Mouth taking him hostage, bringing him to a re-creation of the bedroom set from The Princess Bride, and hearing a version of this summer's blockbuster made to be more appropriate for younger audiences.

At the very least, Deadpool's friend, Ryan Reynolds, did give Fred Savage a bit of a heads up regarding the idea of creating a Deadpool/Princess Bride mash-up. That being said, one can assume that Wade Wilson wasn't too happy to hear that his would-be co-star called the project a "terrible idea" - adding that not only would nobody want to watch that, but nobody would want to be a part of it. Cut to one week later, and he found himself taped to a bed without pants on and hearing a story from a masked anti-hero.

Sadly, Fred Savage couldn't even enjoy the idea of being back on a set that is surely one of the highlights of his career. Rather than being hit with a nice wave of nostalgia, he couldn't ever enjoy it because the entire thing felt so creepy. Savage explained,

Not Great. They built this eerily accurate replica - and all credit to the production team. I mean, they didn't know what they were getting into. So the production design team did a phenomenal job. But it was just kind of very strange and... not great.

Obviously he ultimately had the opportunity to walk away from the ordeal (it seems that Deadpool couldn't determine any reasonable reason to kill him), but at the same time Fred Savage does seem like he'd be interested in getting a little bit of revenge. He doesn't have any animosity towards any of Deadpool's friends, going as far as to say that he actually loves the X-Force, but if he were to be given the chance to punch his captor in the face it sounds like he would jump on it immediately.

Also definitely not helping things is that the actor/director never received any kind of expression of remorse or apology. It's true that he's not incredibly excited to ever see the red-and-black clad anti-hero ever again, but at the very least one can imagine that an "I'm sorry" probably would have gone a long way. Said Savage,

I don't think he apologizes. And I have not seen him again. And that's fine, you know? That's fine by me. I don't want to see the movie. I think just this set is in incredibly poor taste given what I've been through.

Clearly Fred Savage will not be attending any upcoming screenings of Once Upon A Deadpool - but of course that doesn't mean that you can't! If you have no issue watching a movie that required an actual kidnapping to make, you'll get your chance this week, as the new cut of Deadpool 2 will be hitting theaters on December 12th and remaining on the big screen until December 24th. It's for a good cause, as all proceeds will be going to Fudge Cancer - and if you would like to make a separate donation you can visit their website.

Eric Eisenberg
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