First Once Upon A Deadpool Trailer Puts Fred Savage In His Princess Bride Bedroom

From the moment we heard that we were getting a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 we've all had the same question. Just what in the hell would that even look like? Now, with the first trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool, we know. It turns out it looks fucking funny. Sorry, PG-13. It looks really freaking hilarious. It turns out Deadpool and Fred Savage make a great comedy team together. Who knew? Check out the trailer below.

We don't actually see much of Deadpool 2 in the trailer, which is fine as most of us are pretty familiar with it at this point. Instead, we're treated to the Princess Bride style framing device which sees Deadpool kidnap an adult Fred Savage in order to subject him to the more family-friendly version of the story. It actually works out well for Savage, as he has the best line in the trailer, comparing Fox produced Marvel movies to Beatles music produced by Nickelback. Good news, being PG-13 doesn't mean the movie is going to be any less brutal.

This actually looks really funny. Even if you saw Deadpool 2 in theaters and own the Super Duper Cut on Blu-ray, there might still be enough of a reason to hit the theater again to check out Once Upon a Deadpool. While it's hard to say just how much of the movie will be different, with additional material like the Deadpool/Fred Savage scenes we see here, it's quite possible that Deadpool's narration, which makes up a large part of the film, could be entirely different. The movie always saw Deadpool telling us a story, but not quite like this.

And the Princess Bride themed framing is perfect. Not only is Fred Savage "kidnapped" here, but he's forced to wear the same clothes that he did as a kid when he was being told a story by Peter Falk back in the 80s.

For a certain segment of the audience, that grew up with The Princess Bride, which now hold enough to have seen the R-rated version of Deadpool 2, this could be extra funny.

Seeing a movie get re-cut in order to hit a specific rating isn't all that unusual. It's just that normally we see movies that get hit with NC-17 rating getting recut down to an R-rating because most theaters won't show NC-17 films. Seeing an R-rated movie recut down to PG-13 is far more unusual.

It's also that much funnier because when it comes to Deadpool that R-rating was seen as being so important. When the first film was being made it was felt by so many fans that if the movie was made PG-13, like most superhero movies, that something intrinsic to the character would be lost. Now, the fact that the movie is rated PG-13 is the entire selling point.

Does Deadpool need to be rated-R? I suppose we'll find out on December 12 when Once Upon a Deadpool hits theaters to bring us all a little holiday cheer.

Dirk Libbey
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