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Phil Lord And Chris Miller Explain The Fake Seth Rogen Movie Inside Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Peter Parker teaching Miles Morales how to be Spider-Man

In Sony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which is chock full of fun references and Easter eggs, there is a Times Square billboard that shows up multiple times for a fake Seth Rogen movie called Hold Your Horses. So what exactly is this movie? In an exclusive interview with CinemaBlend's Eric Eisenberg, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller gave the rundown on the film we'd have to hop dimensions to see:

Phil Lord: Hold Your Horses is actually a sequel to an earlier Seth Rogen jockey film.Chris Miller: It's about an unlikely jockey just trying to make his way in a world of tiny people.

You have to appreciate that Phil Lord, who co-wrote the film, and Chris Miller didn't only throw in a funny movie poster, they actually gave it a backstory. Hold Your Horses is actually the second entry in what is presumably a successful comedy franchise. It looks like no matter what dimension you're in, goofy comedies get sequels.

The film's premise is hilarious and reminiscent of the kind of films our dimension got in the early 2000s starring Rob Schneider. Though in Miles Morales' universe, Seth Rogen is the one breaking ground by taking the jockey film, which has seen prestigious, dramatic entries like Seabiscuit and Secretariat, and is introducing a horse of a different color with a wacky comedy.

In Hold Your Horses, Seth Rogen, who does not have the build or frame one usually associates with a jockey, tries to chase his dream and overcome his diminutive rivals. Lest you think this was some sort of jibe at Seth Rogen, the actor is a fan and he took to Twitter to promote his cross-dimensional film projects:

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That poster is so great. Seth Rogen is giving a look and gesture that conveys that he knows this is goofy, but he's just happy to be here. That's a positive attitude for his jockey to have and hopefully he finds success.

What I'm unclear on is the title. Is Riding High in the Saddle the subtitle or just the tagline for the film? Also, if this movie is strictly Hold Your Horses, what was the title of the first film? Pony Up? Get off Your High Horse? Beat a Dead Horse? No, that one's too dark. Actually, if Seth Rogen's character is named Charlie... Charlie's Horse! What I'm saying is I want answers.

You can check out Phil Lord and Chris Miller discussing Hold Your Horses in the video below:

We may never get to see Hold Your Horses in this dimension, but maybe we'll be able to follow the franchise through future Spider-Verse films. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse already has a sequel as well as a spinoff movie in the works. And off the strength of a record-breaking weekend and near-universal positive reviews, the future is looking bright for Spidey, and hopefully, Hold Your Horses.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is now playing. Check out what we thought of the film and head on over to our 2019 release schedule to see all the biggest movies coming to theaters next year. For the latest movie news straight from the horse's mouth, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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