Zack Snyder Calls Ben Affleck 'My Perfect Batman' While Sharing New Photos

It certainly has been an interesting road for Ben Affleck in his tenure as the DCEU's Batman. While Affleck was initially met with skepticism when he first signed on to the role, it looks like none of that ever came from Zack Snyder. The director recently shared some past pictures of Ben Affleck in costume as the Caped Crusader and called him his "perfect Batman." Check it out.

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It's been some time since Zack Snyder had to quit Justice League due to a personal tragedy, and the director has taken to posting extra details and behind-the-scenes info about his DC movies. Most of the time, these posts are about what his original vision was for the DCEU before Warner Bros. got cold feet and did some serious alterations after the reception to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Zack Snyder had previously shared information on how Justice League was going to put more emphasis on Darkseid back when the film was going to be a two-parter. The director's most recent post, however, is all about Batman. Posting to the social media platform Vero, (via The Credible Nerds Twitter), Snyder shared some photos of Ben Affleck as Batman.

There's nothing too remarkable about the photos, but Snyder took the time to call Affleck his "perfect Batman." As far as aesthetics go, Affleck made for a cool looking Batman. I always thought that they made the suit a little too muscle-y, but there's no doubt that it usually looks pretty good on camera.

As far as the performance goes, Ben Affleck has gotten compliments from fans and critics. His take on Bruce Wayne and his alter ego was labeled a highlight of BvS and people were excited to see where the character would go next.

Unfortunately, things derailed from there. Justice League got plenty of press about its extensive reshoots and the movie underperformed at the domestic box office. Amid all of that, there was a sense of growing frustration from Ben Affleck about his role in all this, and rumors began to circulate that he wanted out as the Dark Knight.

Ben Affleck denied those rumors, but it's noteworthy that his Batman solo movie has gone through some changes, needing to find a new director and writer in Matt Reeves. The development of the film has been slow, and there are rumors that Affleck might not be involved with the movie anymore. Warner Bros. and Affleck have been quiet on the Batman front for a while, but maybe 2019 will be the year where some official news finally drops.

I've got no clue when you can see Ben Affleck as Batman again, as the solo film has no official release date. However, DC has several irons in the fire, and you can learn more about them with our DC movie release guide.

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