6 Great Comic Directions Aquaman 2 Could Go In

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Aquaman. Read at your own risk!

Aquaman has seen great success in theaters, and with the news that Warner Bros. was already looking ahead to future films before its premiere, a sequel seems all but certain. With that said, here are some directions DC took Aquaman in the comics throughout the decades that I'd love to see brought to life -- or at least played with -- if Aquaman 2 goes into production.

Orm Patrick Wilson Aquaman

Orm And Arthur Could Reconcile

Orm and Arthur's feud was mainly rooted in the death of their mother, who Orm later learned was still alive. The brothers still had their other differences, of course, but with Atlanna alive and Arthur sparing Orm's life, it's possible that Ocean Master could mellow out a bit in prison. After all, the two weren't always on bad terms in the comics, and there were even times Arthur deferred rule of Atlantis to him.

We're not sure DC will take things that far with the two's relationship in Aquaman 2, but it does feel as though the ending of Aquaman did allow for Orm to find redemption. Orm definitely knows more about Atlantis than Arthur, and while his actions were extreme, his thoughts on the surface dwellers' abuse of Atlantean seas weren't hard to rally behind. If he could be less radicalized, Orm could be a great asset to Arthur in future adventures.

The Trench DC Comics

The Trench Creatures Could Be The Main Antagonists

Aquaman's journey into The Trench was perhaps one of the most tense scenes of the feature, and a testament to James Wan's ability to make scary moments happen. The scene was brief, however, and really only gave viewers a fleeting amount of time with the race when compared to their comic book debut. These creatures are deadlier than they seem, and could really do some damage to the world if left unchecked.

As mentioned, James Wan's extensive horror experience makes the prospect of a Trench-centric Aquaman 2 incredibly exciting. Of course, plans for Aquaman 2 are likely still in infancy, and James Wan confirmed to Variety he hasn't signed on for any sequels just yet. If he does, let's hope he's already read up on Geoff Johns' series on them and is already working out a way to introduce the Trench King and Queen in what could be a terrifying adventure.

Aquaman DC Comics

Arthur Could Lose His Hand

Some initially speculated Arthur would lose his hand during Aquaman, but James Wan quickly dismissed that notion ahead of its premiere. It feels as though it's only a matter of time before that major moment happens, as the Atlantean king's harpoon hand served as an iconic look for the character for some time. Additionally, It's safe to say there are those want to see this look return in Aquaman 2. But will it?

It's hard to say, and even if Arthur lost a hand, he's had numerous things replace it. This includes a magical water hand he received from the "Lady of the Lake," which gave him additional powers similar to that of Mera in Aquaman. He also had a mechanical hand and a golden Atlantean hand that changed shape. Honestly, a harpoon hand is the least interesting of those, so if Arthur does lose a hand, I'm gunning for one of them.

Meera and Aquaman DC Comics

Mera And Arthur Could Have A Son

Mera and Arthur seemed to be keeping things casual at the end of Aquaman, but DC fans know the two eventually become husband and wife in the comics. Should their relationship progress much further between Aquaman and Aquaman 2, it would be great to see the two welcoming the Aquababy, Arthur Curry Jr., into the world. Superhero films are thin on babies as is, although Arthur Jr.'s story might be why.

The reasoning behind introducing a baby is a bit dark and grim, but necessary for one of Aquaman's most notable and dark storylines. The death of Aquababy solidified Black Manta's supervillain status and would be a way for Manta to settle his score with Aquaman. Of course, the story is so well known, it's a question of whether it'd even be worth doing. Perhaps the team could find another spin on it, and introduce the baby as a red herring?

Vulko Willem Dafoe Aquaman

Vulko Could Betray Arthur

Vulko's role as Arthur's mentor and backer in Aquaman made him seem like a good guy, but it also makes him appear rather manipulative. Vulko does a solid job at keeping close to Orm's side and directing Mera as they keep in contact with Arthur, and the only reason he sought him out was due to Orm going against what he thought was good for Atlantis. Would Vulko also turn on Arthur to protect Atlantis?

DC Comics has had Vulko manipulate Arthur in the past, all in order to make the hero do what he felt was right. With that type of background, it makes sense why Warner Bros. settled on an actor who is no stranger to morally ambiguous roles like Willem Dafoe to portray him. I'd almost prefer Vulko turn evil in Aquaman 2 if only to see if Arthur is capable of running Atlantis without his guidance.

Aqualad DC Comics

Aqualad Could Be Introduced

DC hasn't been too big on bringing super sidekicks into its latest batch of DC films, but that could change if Aquaman 2 brought in Aqualad. Kaldur'ahm is already a utilized character on Young Justice, though. So at the risk of Warner Bros. getting rid of him, as it has done with other television characters it wants on the big screen, it might be better if the Garth Aqualad was used in a sequel.

Plus with Atlantis' history being already touched on in the first Aquaman, Aquaman 2 could expand on it with the tragic tale of King Thar and Queen Beera. Like Arthur, Garth was raised as an outcast away from Atlantis, which could give him the courage to return when he learns a guy raised like him is now king. This admittedly feels like a longshot character for DC to introduce, but he would be welcomed all the same by many.

Aquaman is now playing in theaters, and according to our recent report, a feature that should be enjoyed in 3D. For more on the film and some easter eggs those who saw it may have missed, read up on one possible reference to Man of Steel that some noticed

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