Original Michael Myers Actor Nick Castle Would Be Down For Another Halloween Sequel

Michael Myers in a closet in the new Halloween

While the latest Halloween movie was a nearly complete reboot for the franchise, which had previously seen numerous sequels, the success of the movie means that a potential sequel to this new film is very much a possibility. Nick Castle played Michael Myers in the original Halloween and had a part to play in the new sequel as well, and if another Halloween movie does happen, he's up for that one too. According to Castle...

I'd love to do it. I mean, it would probably still have to be in the same kind of parameters. I don't see myself at two in the morning putting on the mask and getting a chair thrown at me like poor James Jude Courtney had to do.

Nick Castle only donned the iconic Michael Myers mask in a single scene of the new Halloween. Obviously, it was essentially impossible to tell it was him, but he did get a chance to cameo as the killer briefly when Jamie Lee Curtis sees Michael for the first time in the new movie. The rest of the time, Myers was portrayed by James Jude Courtney., who did all the more action-oriented work.

Nick Castle tells Comicbook.com that he'd love to be part of a Halloween sequel, on the condition that a similar arrangement can be made. The 71-year-old writer/director/actor certainly isn't looking to go through what he did in the original film, but if he can be part of the film in a low-impact way, he's in.

At this point, it seems like there's a pretty good chance that Nick Castle will have a shot in appearing in a Halloween sequel. While Blumhouse says it's not currently working on a sequel, co-writer Danny McBride has said he has ideas for one, and Jamie Lee Curtis has said that as long as director David Gordon Green returns to helm a sequel, she'd also be willing to return.

On the one hand, a Halloween sequel seems like the most natural thing in the world considering the success of the movie. However, considering that the new Halloween took the unique step of discounting all Halloween sequels that have been made, making itself a direct continuation of the original film, making a sequel to it becomes somewhat ironic.

Still, the film's box office and reviews show that there is certainly still an appetite for the Halloween franchise as many considered the newest film one of the best in the series. If a sequel can keep that success going, there's little reason not to do so.

If all the right people are willing to return, there's a good chance we'll get that sequel, and Nick Castle will probably be welcomed back for another brief cameo.

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